Small Front Porch Decor Ideas

Create the inviting front porch of your dreams with just a few simple decor pieces the can maximize and amplify style to welcome you home.


A compact porch offers the opportunity to build a special vignette that effectively uses the space you have and creates a great first impression. Planters are an effortless way to make a statement and show off your green thumb. Select an underlying hue from your walls and surroundings and select a planter that matches or blends with ease. Available in a wide variety of material and color options, simply fill with the floral design of your choice and station on either side of your doorway or ascending the stairs for a verdant touch that frames your entrance in natural beauty.


Rocking Chairs

For relaxing on a warm day or taking in the stars at night, a rocking chair takes up little space and instantly makes a front porch more inviting. Look for weather-ready designs crafted from teak or recycled plastic so they are ready to stand up to unexpected weather conditions all season long. Pair a set with a compact side table to rest drinks or a small potted plant and enjoy an afternoon alfresco with family or friends.