Modern Floor Lamps

Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps

Owing to their size, modern floor lamps are natural attention-getters, but they're also versatile lighting solutions for the modern home, easy to move and easily adjustable to specific needs. Our Top 10 Modern Floor Lamps include design icons and innovative lamps that showcase elegant forms, inventive materials, and cutting edge technology.

A Delicate Balance: 15 Modern Arched Floor Lamps

Visually striking and endlessly functional, our top 15 modern arched floor lamps have got both brightness and beautiful style covered.

Add Light From the Floor Up

Statuesque, by definition, modern floor lamps are surefire attention-getters, thanks to their height alone. Offering plenty of opportunities for creating compelling lighting statements, floor lamps are also supremely versatile, amenable to being modified for specific needs, and to being moved from one room to another—and, therefore, make excellent design investments.

What’s the Advantage of Contemporary Floor Lamps Over Other Lamps?

As mentioned, modern floor lamps have two major advantages: size and versatility. Like a modern chandelier, a sizable modern floor lamp may be capable of providing all the illumination a room needs, eliminating the need for any other type of lighting model. Unlike chandeliers, though, floor lamps are rarely site-specific, making them easily movable from one room to another, and equally effective as lighting solutions for just about any room in the house.

Modern floor lamps also provide ample opportunities to inject serious design cache into a room. Much like other large-scale items—a sofa or coffee table, for instance—the visual space contemporary floor lamps occupy automatically makes them focal points in a room in the same way a work of art or sculpture might be. For that reason alone, it makes sense to think carefully and strategically about the height, color, materials, and specific design elements of the floor lamps you purchase.

How Do I Select the Best Floor Lamps?

To find the right floor lamp, consider a few key features:


  • Mid-century Modern: Use a mid-century floor lamp to reimagine retro style in your home. Mid-century modern lighting typically features neutral colors, geometric shapes, and plenty of eye-catching flair.
  • Traditional: A traditional floor lamp blends with nearly any interior design scheme and can be found in a variety of materials and colors with a classic linen shade.
  • Scandinavian: Choose a Scandinavian design for a straightforward storage solution. A Scandi credenza will offer clean lines, simplicity, and supreme functionality.
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse floor lamps add a hint of rustic elegance to the corner of any room. Accented with rich wood and burnished metal finishes, these lamps are both functional and beautiful.


  • Concrete: Industrial chic and undeniably cool, concrete floor lamps add a dynamic touch to living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways alike.
  • Acrylic: Often transparent or boldly colored, acrylic floor lamps are perfect for contemporary or art-deco inspired living spaces.
  • Linen: You can never go wrong with a classic linen floor lamp and a traditional silhouette and linen shade bring warmth and welcoming brightness to bedrooms, lounges, and office spaces.
  • Wood: Beautifully rustic, wood floor lamps look great in a coastal, farmhouse, or even Scandinavian-inspired home.


  • Pablo Floor Lamps: Sleek designs that stand out, Pablo offers everything from adjustable reading lamps to sophisticated accent lamps with unexpected details like wireless charging and hidden USB ports.
  • Umage Floor Lamps: Structural and dynamic, Umage offers statuesque floor lamps sustainably crafted in the Danish tradition with quality materials like recycled feathers and molded polycarbonate.
  • Jonathan Adler Floor Lamps: Perfect for an Art Deco or Hollywood glam locale, Jonathan Adler floor lamps showcase sleek finishes and bold colors to make a great first impression.
  • Flos Floor Lamps: With a host of icons including the Arco and IC Lights floor lamps, Flos creates statement-making luminaries worthy of the finest interiors.

Modern Floor Lamp FAQs

  • Are Floor Lamps in Style?

Short answer is a resounding yes! Available in a wide range of shapes, styles, materials, and finish options, floor lamps not only provide additional brightness within a space, but they also add a dimension to your decor that provides both a function and a visual aspect. Perfect for virtually any space, modern floor lamps work great in dark corners, next to sofas and lounge chairs, as part of an at-home office space, or even in a bedroom reading nook. Opt for a style that blends well with your surrounding furniture and decor for a cohesive space that is bright and inviting.

  • How Tall Should a Floor Lamp Be?

For the best visuals, a modern floor lamp should be between 58 and 64 inches tall and the bottom of the lamp shade should not be lower than the eye level of a seated person. When decorating a space, make sure the floor lamps that are in close proximity to each other – like on either side of a sofa or bed frame, are the same height for a cohesive space.

  • Where to Put a Floor Lamp in the Living Room?

There are several locations within a modern living room that a floor lamp can provide both light and visual appeal. A popular choice is behind the couch, especially if your couch is positioned away from the wall, a floor lamp creates depth and provides a nice reading light overhead. Perfect for brightening dark corners, floor lamps create additional illumination by bouncing their light off of multiple walls. For a productive work space, floor lamps provide ample task lighting– even more so with an adjustable head, to let you direct light downward onto your desk surface for a well-lit office.

  • Do Floor Lamps Need to Match?

Floor lamps do not need to match, but if you plan on using different lamps within a space, make sure the finish, shape, and general size match to have some similarity in your space. Opting for one statement maker as a focal point in your space, you can supplement with more understated styles for a balanced interior.