Modern Torchieres

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Brighten up your interior design with a torchiere floor lamp

As their names imply, torchiere floor lamps are modern floor lamps that feature light sources that project upward, much like flaming torches. The main advantage of a torchiere is that it's upward trajectory casts a wide swathe of light across a ceiling, illuminating a room in a general way quite beautifully. Unlike floor lamps that cast light in a specific direction, the direction of light from a torchiere floor lamp is rarely adjustable, making torchiere floor lamps less flexible as light sources. If you're in the market for a modern torchiere lamp, consider the following questions:

What's the best place for a torchiere floor lamp?

Like almost any floor lamp, technically, a torchiere can be placed in most any room in the house, and anywhere in a room where lighting is needed. But because a torchiere floor lamp produces ambient light, it's not usually ideal for task lighting or reading, but, rather, more suited for enhancing the overall atmosphere in a room. A living room or bedroom, where ambient light and mood lighting are particularly important, can benefit well from a torchiere floor lamp. But bear in mind that a torchiere, like most floor lamps, are usually most effective in conjunction with other light sources, like table lamps or ceiling lights.

Does a torchiere lamp produce too much light for a small room?

Not at all. Torchieres are unique floor lamps that, depending on their size and specific design features, can throw off a lot of light. But because the light is typically ambient, not direct, a torchiere rarely overwhelms a small room with harsh lighting. The key to choosing floor standing lamps of any variety is to select a design that makes sense with the other elements in a room or space, and to ensure that the quality of light is what you're after. But torchiere floor lamps, in and of themselves, shouldn't be a disqualifying factor for small rooms.

Can a torchiere floor lamp be used in any room?

As mentioned earlier, torchiere floor lamps are perfectly suited to any room, providing that the light it emits makes sense for that room. Certain rooms—namely bedrooms and living rooms—where indirect light and ambience are particularly important, will naturally be more suited to the design and specific light quality of a torchiere floor lamp. But depending on its specific features, any unique floor lamp can be fitted into the design elements of any room, providing the project is undertaken with thought and care.

Can a torchiere floor lamp be modern?

Torchiers, like almost all floor lamps, can absolutely be an excellent choice for the modern home. Thought the torchiere is a unique design that tends to be associated with old-fashioned lighting options, the truth is that if you're in search of a modern torchiere, there are a whole range of beautiful options available to the modern design buff. Contemporary designers have applied their skills and vision to creating modern torchieres that are—in size, technology and functionality—more visually striking than ever, and anything but old fashioned.