Modern Black Table Lamps

Top 20 Contemporary Table Lamps

Our favorite contemporary table lamps showcase some of the best modern lighting designs anywhere. Whether used as bedside lamp, task lamp, or entryway light, these designs make illuminating additions to almost any room and interior scheme.

Top 14 Modern Cordless Lamps

Who says the answer to nuanced outdoor lighting is a flickering candle or two? Easy to transport, energy efficient, and capable of holding a charge for hours on end, these modern portable lamps are summer's best bets—lighting up any outdoor space wirelessly.

Black table lamps are the perfect accent for every room

Black is arguably the most contemporary of all colors. As rich and chic as they are simple and effortless, black accents make a brilliant addition to well-edited modern homes. Black lamps are no exception. Offering depth and sophistication, modern black lamps have an unmatched ability to complement furniture, flooring, walls, lighting, and other decor of any color or style. At 2Modern, you'll choose from an unmatched selection of contemporary black lamps to make a dramatic and functional addition to any space.

How to choose a modern black lamp

When selecting modern black lamps for your home, it's important to hone in on the style that appeals to you. Perhaps you hope to curate a cohesive collection of accents for a sleek and uniform look. Maybe you prefer the eclectic, one-of-a-kind excitement that comes from mixing and matching decor in a variety of styles. When you begin to peruse our many incredible options, you may find that certain designs stand out more than others. Let your existing décor serve as a roadmap for your new contemporary black lamp, or use a lamp as a starting point for a fresh and updated space.

Choose a black mid-century modern lamp, such as the JWDA Table Lamp by Menu or the Carmina Table Lamp by UMAGE, to create retro ambiance. Make a bold choice with the avant garde Bird Waiting Lamp by Seletti or the playfully baroque Bourgie Lamp by Kartell. Combine contemporary design with fun, colorful contrast with the Bicoca Table Lamp by Marset. Opting for the style that works best in your home is a smart way to ensure that you'll love your modern black lamp for years to come.

Decide on the size that makes the most sense for your space. If you're searching for the perfect black modern bedside lamp, you'll want a design that makes a stylish statement, but doesn't overwhelm your nightstand. Considering the scale of your lamp will allow for a beautiful and well-edited grouping of accents on any given surface. For a sideboard with a significant footprint, a large lamp might make the most sense. To illuminate a modestly-sized desk or an end table, you might find that a small black lamp is the best option. Thinking about the size of your lamp will allow you to choose a piece that flows well with your other décor and in your room.

Finally, weigh your options when it comes to color combinations and materials. You've already made a clean, contemporary choice by shopping for a modern black lamp. However, you might opt to include other colors and textures for contrast and interest. Some designs, such as the Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp by &Tradition, feature a single hue and a black metal shade, allowing you to focus on the visual appeal and clean lines of the lamp itself. The JWDA Marble Table Lamp by Menu offers a high-contrast black and white color palette and a unique, curved shape made of marble and brass. The quirky and conversational Jeeves Table Lamp by Innermost features a black felt hat shape with a metallic gold aluminum interior, combining modern style with imaginative design. The artistic Narrow Square Lamp by Alex Marshall Studios is a chic ceramic lamp available in a number of color combinations, including an abstract black and white striped design. Deciding on your ideal color palette is another brilliant way to narrow down your search for the perfect lamp.