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Knoll Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable

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Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option K2026/02 - Delite Red Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option K2026/09 - Delite Gray Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option K2026/13 - Delite Onyx Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option K2026/05 - Delite Parrot Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option K2026/06 - Delite Green Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Seat/Inner Back Color option VOBLCK - Volo Black
Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Net/Outer Back Color option Storm/Storm Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Net/Outer Back Color option Storm/Pebble Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Net/Outer Back Color option Pebble/Pebble Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Net/Outer Back Color option Pebble/Storm
Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Base/Castors option Plastic / Hard Wheel Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Base/Castors option Plastic / Soft Wheel Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Base/Castors option Polished Aluminum / Hard Wheel Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable Base/Castors option Polished Aluminum / Soft Wheel
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  • Product Information

    Inspired by the idea of bringing pre-existing elements together to make something entirely new, Remix pairs upholstered comfort with innovative Flex Net MATRIX™ technology for active, all day support. Remix delivers unexpected performance in a familiar form.


    • Remix Collection
    • Designed by Formway Design, 2015
    • TANDEM BACK™ comprised of intelligent layers of contrasting materials to provide movement and active support
    • FLEX NET MATRIX™ molded to provide flexibility and resilience and designed to provide firmer support in the lumbar and shoulder region
    • Flexible back frame provides structure but is flexible to allow torsional movements
    • Fully upholstered perimeter offers soft, uninterrupted comfort for movement throughout the day
    • Three-point title lock allows you to relax into the chair for a deep dwell
    • Synchronized title tension control provides a smooth, effortless recline and enables personalized fit
    • Height adjustable arms
    • GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold certified
    • Dark finish
    • Available in Soft casters or Hard casters
    • Available in Plastic or Polished Aluminum base/castors
    • Available in various seat/inner back colors
    • Available in various net/outer back color

    Assembly Instructions (No Tools Required)

    • Open carton and remove chair base and protective divider piece.
    • Place chair base upright on floor, stabilizing it so it does not move or slide.
    • Remove top of carton. Lift upper chair assembly from carton in a safe fashion.
    • Carefully place upper chair assembly onto cylinder, fitting cylinder into hole in bottom of control. Press down firmly to ensure secure fit.
    • Without adjusting seat depth or height, sit in chair to complete assembly.

      *Warning: Failure to follow these assembly instructions can result in product failure, personal injury or property damage.

      Please note, this is a custom item. 2Modern makes every effort to accommodate product returns with a generous return policy. However this is a made-to-order product and cannot be canceled or returned after 48 hours of order placement.
      Designed by Formway.
      Due to color variances with monitor display, we recommend ordering samples / swatches before purchasing products.
      Product Details
      Materials Base: Polished cast aluminum or integrally colored, 33% glass reinforced nylon with steel insert.
      Flex Net Matrix: Integrally colored, high performance bio-based elastomeric.
      Back frame: Engineered 33% glass filled nylon compound. Seat: High-resiliency molded foam with textile cover and integrally colored, 30% glass reinforced polypropylene structure.
      Caster: Integrally colored nylon and steel.
      Specifications Plastic base:
      • Overall: 27 in W x 23.5 in D x 36.9-44.9 in H
      • Seat Height: 16.6-21.5 in
      • Arm Height: 26.8-31.1 in
      • Base: 27.7 in Dia
      Polished aluminum base:
      • Overall: 27 in W x 23.5 in D x 37.15-45.15 in H
      • Seat Height: 16.6-21.5 in
      • Arm Height: 27.05-31.35 in
      • Base: 27.7 in Dia
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      List of SKUs available: 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU02-XHB02, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU09-XHB09, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU13-XHB13, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU05-XHB05, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-XU06-XHB06, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-01-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB03-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-2-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-HC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK, 66-W-HA-4-S-X-SC-DK-03-XOB01-USF-VOBLCK-VOBLCK
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      Reference ID "Knoll Remix Work Chair - Height Adjustable" (Stock ID 1181005253)
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