Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs


Why Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs Will Match Your Style

Distinct on their own, but incredibly versatile in that they can blend with a variety of other interior design styles, mid-century modern office chairs are a great choice for your at-home workspace or office to bring style and function to your space. Defined by clean lines, organic shapes, and low-profile silhouettes, mid-century modern office chairs offer beautiful forms and can easily be incorporated into your office design. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, opt for leather upholstered designs for a more classic, high-end look, and for incredible comfort and support all day long, select an ergonomic office chair to keep you focused and energized for the day ahead. Because of their simple, yet striking design, mid-century modern office chairs add a pleasant visual to your space while effortlessly matching or balancing out your other furniture and decor. 

How a set of Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs Can Highlight Your Room Decor

Mid-century modern office chairs are a great addition to any workspace in your home and opting for a pair brings a cohesive look to your home office, children’s work or playspace, or just a casual crafting corner in your basement. Available in a wide variety of color options, look for a white, black, gray, or brown mid-century modern office chair to balance out the colors of your room, or opt for a more colorful option for a pop of eye-catching style. Because mid-century modern office chairs are available in both caster or stationary bases, you can select what is best for your work area to keep things mobile or firmly in place. Just add a spacious desk and ample lighting for a productive workspace that keeps you motivated.

Are Mid-Century Modern Office Chairs Going Out Of Style?

Mid-century modern style is unique and timeless and offers so many iconic styles that it will never go out of style. That being said, it is a specific aesthetic and requires a balance of furniture and decor to hit just the right look. For mid-century modern office chairs, go with a less is more approach selecting a design that provides comfort, style, and support without going overboard with too many bells and whistles. Our current favorites are the Eames Molded Fiberglass Armchair from Herman Miller and the Saarinen Executive Conference Armchair from Knoll. 

Mid-Century Modern Office Chair FAQs

  • Why Is Mid-Century Modern Style So Popular?

Because of its overall aesthetic – clean lines, low profiles, and recognizable silhouettes, people continue to come back time and time again to this warm and inviting style that meshes the beauty of modern silhouettes and profiles with contemporary materials and construction. Available in a wide variety of price points, colors, and styles, mid-century modern decor is a great option for elevating your home’s interior and utilizing a design scheme to craft a lifestyle that is both elegant and simple. 

  • What Colors Are Mid-Century Modern? 

Classic mid-century modern colors include a combination of organic, warm colors like orange, brown, mustard yellow, and ochre, with sleek, more industrial colors like white, gray, and blue. Pops of red are quite common as well for capturing the spirit of true mid-century modern style. 

  • What Can You Mix Mid-Century Modern With?

Thanks to clean-lined, simple silhouettes, and inviting shapes, mid-century modern decor and furniture can be blended with a variety of interior design schemes to create a cohesive and striking living space. Farmhouse modern, coastal modern, Scandinavian modern, and industrial modern styles are all potential when it comes to blending with mid-century modern decor. All embrace rustic elements, with hints of refined simplicity that mesh together to create a wonderful space filled with texture and warmth.