Scandinavian Bedroom


Why Choose Scandinavian Bedroom Decor?

If you are looking to decorate your sleep space in the beautiful simplicity of Scandinavian style, then you are interested in creating a bedroom that is bright and airy with a clean, sophisticated feel and inspires comfort and relaxation day and night. Scandi bedroom decor can range from solid wood bed frames wrapped in sleek, sumptuous leather, or structured storage designs with minimal frills and a low-profile silhouette. With a strong focus on textures and soft hues, Modern Scandinavian is the ideal design scheme for any size space and any type of home. At 2Modern, our collection of Scandinavian Bedroom Decor offers a range of items from solid oak nightstands to chic and portable table lamps – everything you need to create a well-accented sleep space filled with Nordic-cool vibes.

How to Create a Scandinavian Style Bedroom?

Creating a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom is simple and just takes a few steps to get a cohesive and accurate look. Firstly, you’ll want to layer textures to create a cozy feeling in your space. Scandinavian spaces are traditionally minimalist, but always have the right amount of texture to keep things from feeling cold and unwelcoming. Think chunky knit blankets, fluffy throw pillows, and plush rugs for instant layers of warmth. Next, choose subtle shades of color inspired by nature. Earth tones in your floors or accenting furniture can be offset by white or gray walls while pops of color like burnt umber and shale can offset the neutral profile. Lastly, invest in simple, but high-quality furniture. Clean lines and clever craftsmanship are perfect examples of Scandinavian design. Scandi furniture is aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly functional, utilizing materials like leather, wool, linen, and wood that look great and wear well over time. Invest in the pieces you use frequently – like a Scandinavian style bed, nightstands, dresser, or accent chairs for a quality space that is warm and welcoming both morning and night.

What Else to Think About When Filling Out Your Scandinavian Bedroom?

When creating the perfect Scandinavian bedroom, you will also want to take into consideration the style and amount of lighting within your space. Scandi living spaces should always be light, bright, and airy, using as much natural light as possible. Large windows and whitewashed walls help, but adding the right balance of artificial light is key, especially in smaller or closed off spaces. Overhead pendants or chandeliers give off soft, multi-directional light – especially when installed in groups or layered for a unique look. Low-profile and simple table lamps give off a warm glow and can balance either side of a bed frame or work on top of a desk or dresser. A master suite reading nook equipped with an arc floor lamp or sleek wall sconce creates a cozy space to relax, while glass lanterns filled with candles dotted about your room makes for a truly hygge-filled bedroom.

Scandinavian Bedroom FAQs

  • What is Modern Scandinavian Style?

Modern Scandinavian style takes a minimalist approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. The focus of this aesthetic is on simple lines and light, airy spaces that encourage a sense of comfort and welcoming energy. Natural materials like solid wood, stone, and ceramic are quite popular, while hints of steel and glass play a large role in framing and accenting a space. Earth tones and muted hues are key with most rooms sticking to whites, creams, tans, and browns.

  • What Makes a Scandinavian Bedroom?

A Scandinavian bedroom should always be supremely comfortable and highly functional to ensure your daily and nightly routines go off without a hitch and you’re always well-rested and rejuvenated. Look for expertly crafted furniture made from solid wood and top with a plush mattress and cozy knitted bedding and sumptuous throw pillows. A convenient storage bench at the end of your bed gives you a place to put on your shoes and store away accessories, while a spacious dresser provides ample storage space and a surface to display favorite photos, decor, jewelry and more. Don’t forget about ample lighting to make sure you look your best every morning and a rustic-chic mirror to put on the final touches before you head out the door.

  • What Colors Are Used in Scandinavian Design?

A big part of Scandinavian design is connecting with nature and organic influences. Light, bright, and airy, Scandi spaces trend toward white, cream, and light grays with hints of rich earth tones like sage, dusty rose, and even black making their way into the design scheme. When decorating a Scandi bedroom, keep things nice and neutral with soft hues and then add in your choice of an accenting color to weave through in your bedding, decor, or lighting designs.