Scandinavian Nightstands

Top Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas For Sophisticated and Streamlined Sleep

Filled with Hygge, (the Danish word for comfort) Scandinavian bedrooms are light and airy, layered with cozy accents that inspire peace and restfulness. With a focus on a limited color palette sprinkled with the warmth of natural woods and rustic accents, we’ve put together a selection of bedroom ideas that show capturing the serenity and simple sophistication of Scandinavian decor has never been easier.

Top Master Bedroom Ideas For A Modern Sleep Retreat

Whether simple and sumptuous or refined and regal, your master bedroom is your sanctuary for welcomed respite and hard-earned recovery. With a few simple upgrades - think smart furniture choices, elegant lighting, and chic accessories, you can design the master bedroom of your dreams ready to inspire many nights of beautiful sleep.

Transform Your Bedroom with a Scandinavian Nightstand

The Scandinavian nightstands we offer have the potential to redefine, elevate, and complete your bedroom. Incorporating these nightstands into your space means infusing a sense of simplicity and functionality when paired with a beautiful centerpiece bed. Our Scandinavian nightstands come in an array of styles, materials, and colors to help you curate a serene Scandinavian bedroom.

How to Choose Your Scandinavian Nightstand


  • Considerations when browsing nightstands:
  • Clean and minimalistic lines lend themselves to an uncluttered aesthetic
  • Timeless and versatile, bringing a sense of Nordic elegance to your bedroom decor
  • A harmonious blend of form and function, allowing your nightstand to seamlessly complement your Scandinavian-inspired bedroom


  • Choose nightstands made from materials that suit your bedroom's style
  • Wooden nightstands offer a natural sense of warmth and charm
  • Metal or acrylic elements provide a contemporary and airy feel
  • Mix and match materials amongst pieces for a unique Scandinavian bedroom set


  • Harmonize your nightstand's color with your bedroom's palette
  • Opt for a neutral tone like ivory or light gray for a serene and versatile look
  • For a pop of color, commit to a vibrant shade like blue or green
  • A brown nightstand or a tan nightstand can contribute to a grounded, earthy aesthetic
  • Mix and match colors for an eclectic take on Scandinavian style

Other Scandinavian Elements

  • Explore other Scandinavian-style elements to complete your restful bedroom
  • A Scandinavian bed can serve as the centerpiece of your space
  • Choose a Scandinavian table lamp to create a well-lit and cozy ambiance
  • Opt for Scandinavian bedding and textiles with clean and timeless designs
  • Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone for a calming and harmonious atmosphere

A Beautiful Scandinavian Nightstand Is An Heirloom Piece

Our collection of modern Scandinavian nightstands has been thoughtfully curated to provide you with the perfect options for completing your bedroom. Whether you're seeking a nightstand to define your room's style, bring organization to your space, or complete your bedroom set, we have the ideal nightstand for your home. At 2Modern, we offer a diverse selection of modern nightstands and other Scandinavian elements to help you curate a restful Scandinavian bedroom.

Scandinavian Nightstands FAQs

  • How Can I Curate a Restful Scandinavian Bedroom?

To create a Scandinavian primary bedroom, focus on decluttering and minimalism. Choose clean and simple designs for your furniture, including nightstands, and use a soft, neutral color palette. Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone, and opt for soft and cozy textiles for bedding. Add Scandinavian lighting fixtures to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • What Interior Styles Work Well with Scandinavian Nightstands?

Scandinavian nightstands are versatile and can enhance a variety of interior styles. They bring a touch of Nordic serenity to minimalist decor, add warmth to modern themes, and create a calming atmosphere in rustic or traditional spaces. In conjunction with a farmhouse or mid-century modern aesthetic, a Scandinavian piece can bring simplicity and tie together themes of clean lines and earthy textures.

  • Can I Make a Scandinavian Nightstand the Focal Point in My Bedroom?

Choose a nightstand with a unique design that captures attention. Position one on either side of your bed to create captivating focal points that complement your Scandinavian bedroom decor.

With our diverse selection of Scandinavian nightstands and other Scandinavian elements, you can elevate and complete your bedroom, adding style, functionality, and tranquility to your home. Choose from a variety of styles, materials, colors, and other elements to find the perfect nightstand that aligns with your unique preferences and helps you curate a restful Scandinavian bedroom.