Scandinavian Dressers

Top Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas For Sophisticated and Streamlined Sleep

Filled with Hygge, (the Danish word for comfort) Scandinavian bedrooms are light and airy, layered with cozy accents that inspire peace and restfulness. With a focus on a limited color palette sprinkled with the warmth of natural woods and rustic accents, we’ve put together a selection of bedroom ideas that show capturing the serenity and simple sophistication of Scandinavian decor has never been easier.

22 Bedroom Ideas For a Dreamy and Restful Retreat

The room in which we will spend on average, one third of our lifetime, the bedroom should always be a space for calm, respite, and uninhibited comfort. With thousands of design options and aesthetics to choose from, we’ve put together our list of inspired and celebrated bedroom ideas to create a welcoming retreat you’ll enjoy night after night.

Why Choose a Scandinavian Dresser?

Scandinavian style as a whole is popular because of how it uses light wood materials and soft tones to create a light and airy atmosphere. When you incorporate a modern Scandinavian dresser into a bedroom, it is a perfectly natural way to draw in that minimalist style and create your desired aesthetic. Because of their lack of ornamentation and straightforward design, Scandinavian dressers can be used in a variety of homes that appreciate a minimalist style. Despite their simplicity, Scandinavian dressers are anything but boring as they highlight natural wood tones and light neutral colors as their main draw. Therefore, choosing a Scandinavian dresser is a wise choice if you want a natural material, texture, and tone to be at the forefront of the room’s style.

Choosing Which Scandinavian Dresser Is Right For You

In narrowing your search to Scandinavian dressers, you have naturally focused your search to dressers with simple structures and rectangular shapes. Within this category, you must choose the dimensions that are ideally suited to fit your space as well as if your dresser incorporates metal legs or if it includes legs at all. Another key facet to consider is the tone of the wood. In purely Scandinavian styles, the wood tones lean towards lighter hickory or white oak, but if you want to combine Scandinavian style with another branch of interior design, consider using darker woods to create drama. Even with the different wood tones, your dresser will still lean into Scandinavian style through the use of wood and its rigid structure.

How a Scandinavian Dresser Can Accentuate Your Room

A Scandinavian dresser can accent your room by providing a warm texture and natural material. Even if your room does not fall into a purely Scandinavian style, you can use one of these dressers to express or create your personal style. Modern Scandinavian dressers work well with interior design styles like mid century modern, contemporary, modern, and even modern farmhouse or modern coastal style.

Since the furniture itself is so simple in its design, you can add other accents on top of the dresser or to the side of it to further develop the room’s style and tone. Mirrors, vases, books, and plants are just a few accents that can complement the dresser and help you create your ideal style.

What Else to Think About When Buying Scandinavian Dressers

When browsing Scandinavian dressers, it is important to realize the exact tone you want your dresser to set and if it is blending with other interior design styles. These dressers are also available in different shapes, sizes, and configurations, so you must decide if you want a tall Scandinavian dresser with drawers, one with drawers and doors, or a dresser that is shorter. The configuration and size of your dresser is ultimately dependent upon your room’s layout and scale, but you must also choose a size that will functionally serve your room well as either a primary bedroom or a guest room. With these facets in mind, you will be able to shop with confidence and choose a modern Scandinavian dresser that is both practical and stylish.