8 Ideas for Designing a Small Dining Room

Short on space never means short on style. A lack of square footage can effortlessly be made up with a carefully curated selection of furniture, lighting and decor. We've put together a variety of styles from casual to contemporary, sure to catch your eye and enliven your home.

Small Casual Dining Room

Comfortable and cozy, while proving to be effortlessly functional, casual dining rooms offer a landing place for friends and family while still providing a beautiful backdrop for dining and entertaining. Start by anchoring your room with a durable and subtly patterned rug and select a table and chairs with rich wood finishes to set the scene. Add in simple brass or chrome lighting fixtures combined with subtle decor like a glass vase or stoneware bowl to create a pleasant and cohesive look without overwhelming. allowing you to bring a fresh look to your space without going over the top.


Small Formal Dining Room

A small dining room can still be crafted to be oozing with style and sophistication when hosting formal events or family dinners. Select a round solid wood or glass-topped dining table to offer ample surface area without sacrificing space, installing a striking metallic chandelier or pendant light o