Modern Walnut Coffee Tables

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Use a modern walnut coffee table to bring functional style to your stylish living room

With its natural beauty and durability, walnut is a popular and gorgeous choice for a stylish coffee table. Walnut is a versatile hardwood that can be stained a variety of colors for a unique and sophisticated look. At 2Modern, you’ll find a wide selection of walnut coffee tables to give your well-appointed home a warm and beautiful upgrade.

How to choose the right walnut coffee table

Think about the shape that appeals to you most and fits your space best. If you have a square-shaped room, a small space, or a sectional, you might consider a round or square table. If your space is large, you have a rectangular room, or if your furniture is spread out, an oval or rectangular table might make the most sense.

Next, decide on a stain color that coordinates beautifully with your other living room furniture. A natural walnut finish adds a warm and earthy look to a modern coffee table, while a dark stain adds richness and depth. Choose a light stain to give your living room an airy ambiance, or go for a bold black finish for a sleek, sophisticated feel.

You’ll also want to think about the features that would make your coffee table as functional as possible. For maximum organization and utility, choose a walnut coffee table with storage. If your space is more limited, you may find nesting tables to be a brilliant, space-saving solution. If you love the look of walnut, but you prefer to mix and match textures, a walnut and glass table could be just what your room is missing.

Finally, choose a design style that coordinates with the rest of your stylish home and speaks to your own unique personality. Use a mid-century modern walnut coffee table to combine retro form with function, or opt for a contemporary table for a sleek, modern look. Choose a farmhouse-style walnut coffee table for rustic charm, or an industrial table to give your space a raw, architectural touch.

Incorporate a modern walnut coffee table into your well-edited home

Whether you’re going for a mid-century modern look, you love minimalism, or you fall somewhere in between, a walnut coffee table is the ideal addition to your stylish space. From solid walnut to walnut veneer, the options are truly endless. Pair your walnut table with brass or black metal, glass, and a variety of other finishes to give your living room a one-of-a-kind, completely personalized look. With designs by top brands like Blu Dot, Huppe, Copeland Furniture, Gus, Knoll, Sentient, and more, it’s easy to find the perfect coffee table for your contemporary home at 2Modern.