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Modern Square Coffee Tables

Setting the scene in your living space with a square coffee table

Square coffee tables are the epitome of modern design. With sharp, clean lines and an abundance of visual interest, a square-shaped table is a stylish addition to your living room. Coffee tables make a functional, decorative, and polished addition to your home.

Choosing the right square coffee table

With the variety of gorgeous options available at 2Modern, finding the perfect square coffee table for your modern living space can be easy. Just weigh a few different qualities to decide which factors are most important to you.


  • A brightly-colored square coffee table can provide the perfect punch of color. Playing with color can change the entire design of your room – make it eclectic, make it bold, or break up an otherwise neutral color palette with a surprising, adventurous hue.
  • Opting for a white table can lend an element of clean, modern sophistication to your home.
  • Choosing a neutral color adds an earthy, natural charm to your living area. It also allows the design and shape of your modern table to speak for itself.
  • Transparent coffee tables are unexpectedly bold. With a completely contemporary look, clear tables make your interior design unique and memorable.
  • A black square table incorporates the sleek, stark contrast of a rich hue, giving your room an upscale feel.

· Style

  • A square, Scandinavian-style table will add simplicity, straightforward design, and a contemporary touch to your living area.
  • Farmhouse-style tables are a popular option because they introduce a warm, welcoming, rustic element to the home.
  • Mid-century modern designs are an interior designer’s dream. They blend the modern with the retro for an eclectic, eye-catching accent.
  • A modern, abstract square coffee table is a surprising way to increase the artistic mood in your home and reimagine your design scheme.


  • A metal table, or one with metal accents, can bring a hint of industrial charm to your living space.
  • A round wood coffee table adds natural warmth to your home. Incorporate a pine, oak, or walnut table for a beautiful and durable touch.
  • Glass lends sophistication and style to your living room. With its clean, reflective look, glass is a refined, modern choice.


  • Storage is a smart addition to a square coffee table. Maximizing the use of the full footprint of your table, a storage solution can provide a much-needed hiding spot for blankets, off-season décor, or kids’ toys. Keeping your odds and ends out of sight is particularly appealing for parents or for those with limited space.
  • Ottomans offer a comfortable landing zone for guests, but also provide the perfect platform for drinks, food, and other everyday items.
  • Create an outdoor living area with a square coffee table rated for outdoor use. Complete the look with seating, décor, lighting, and more for an outdoor living space that serves as an extension of your indoor style.

Increase function and style in your modern living space with a square coffee table

A square coffee table is a smart way to improve the practicality and the mood in your home. The thoughtfully curated options available at 2Modern blend modern design with quality materials, unique style, and sophistication. Your coffee table will be a surprisingly striking addition to your modern living area.