Modern Oak Coffee Tables

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We're turning our attetnion to some perfect circles: coffee tables that boast elegant lines, innovative materials, versatility—and flawless curves. Whether made from sustainable wood, solid marble, or crystal-clear glass, a round coffee table makes a welcoming contemporary statement, softening the straight edges of a modern room.

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Complete your modern living room with an oak coffee table

Oak coffee tables are a well-loved addition to the modern home. Oak is a dense, hard, and low-maintenance wood, which makes it a long-lasting and durable material choice. It also offers a beautiful, recognizable texture and grain, making it a classic favorite. At 2Modern, you’ll find a broad variety of oak coffee tables to give your living room a timeless and tied-together finishing touch.

How to choose the right modern oak coffee table

First, hone in on your own personal style. This can be a great way to narrow your search for the perfect oak coffee table. Choose a modern design to play up the contemporary charm in your well-edited space, or embrace minimalism with a Scandinavian or Danish oak coffee table. Give our living area a warm, farmhouse look with a rustic table, or choose a mid-century modern oak coffee table to bring artistic, retro flair to your one-of-a-kind interior design aesthetic.

Next, think about the table color that makes the most sense in your particular living room. Perhaps you prefer to take full advantage of the real, unique grain and texture of a natural oak finish, or maybe you love the idea of a bold, sophisticated shade of black. Complement the cool tones in your space with a gray oak coffee table, or brighten up your life with a clean and chic white finish.

Finally, consider the options when it comes to the shape of your modern oak coffee table. You can’t go wrong with a classic, rectangular design, which suits many spaces perfectly and allows everyone in the seating area to have access to their drink or snack. You might find an oval table to be a better fit for your space if you love the idea of a long, rectangular table, but you want to switch it up with an unexpected twist. For a small space or a square-shaped room, a square or round table might be your best option. Think about the rest of your room and picture each table shape to determine which would be the most impactful addition to your carefully-curated living room.

Allow an oak coffee table to tie your entire modern home together in an unbeatable way

Whether you gravitate toward a simple, straightforward design, a mid-century modern oak coffee table, or you fall somewhere in between, you truly can’t go wrong with a gorgeous oak table in the center of your stylish living area. From solid, heirloom-quality tables to designs that incorporate oak veneer to tables that combine oak with metal or glass, the options at 2Modern are nearly endless. Our stunning selection of oak coffee tables includes designs by brands like Ethnicraft, Hollis and Morris, Menu, Bernhardt, Muuto, and Knoll. You’ll be surprised at just how versatile, chic, and modern an oak coffee table can be.