Modern Black Coffee Tables

Perfect Circles: 10 Round Coffee Tables

We're turning our attetnion to some perfect circles: coffee tables that boast elegant lines, innovative materials, versatility—and flawless curves. Whether made from sustainable wood, solid marble, or crystal-clear glass, a round coffee table makes a welcoming contemporary statement, softening the straight edges of a modern room.

Stylish Space Saving Furniture

Short on space doesn't mean short on style. These contemporary pieces save space while providing multifunctional uses to ensure your come is clean and clutter-free.

Modern black coffee tables are an ideal addition to your home

No contemporary living room is complete without a gorgeous black coffee table. Black is a rich and chic hue that brings sophistication and elegance. Coffee tables are equal parts functional and decorative, providing you with an unmissable opportunity to adorn your space and express your style as you comfortably and conveniently rest your food, beverages, laptop, book, and so much more. At 2Modern, you’ll discover a stunning selection of modern black coffee tables to transform your living room into a well-appointed and aesthetically pleasing space.

Features to consider in a contemporary black coffee table


Choose a black coffee table that reflects your individual style. Make an ultra-modern choice with the intriguing Stone Coffee Table or the shapely Frank Gehry Collection Coffee Table. Incorporate Scandinavian design into your living area with the charming Around Coffee Table or the sculptural Plinth Low Coffee Table. Add a black mid-century modern coffee table to your space with the Satellite Oval Cocktail Table, or embrace minimalist design with the modern black glass and metal Fort York Coffee Table. Balance rustic farmhouse and modern style with the Eliza Coffee Table, or go for a sleek, industrial look with the Milo Coffee Table.


Think about the features that will make your coffee table optimally functional. Nesting coffee tables stow beneath one another when not in use, making them a space-saving solution for those with limited storage space. Ottoman coffee tables double as extra seating, provide a comfortable place to kick up your feet, and give you a place to rest your wine glass or coffee mug. Modern black coffee tables with storage make efficient use of the entire footprint of your table and provide the ideal location for stowing blankets, books, or even toys.


When choosing a material for your contemporary black coffee table, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and your preferences. Black marble is an ultra-chic modern choice, but may be best suited for homes without pets or children. Conversely, wood coffee tables are a popular choice for families and pet parents because the traditional, well-loved, natural material can withstand most everyday accidents and long-term wear and tear. Metal is another durable and stylish option.


Select the shape that appeals most to you in a modern black coffee table. Abstract designs add artistic charm to your space, while round black coffee tables provide equal access to the table for everyone in the seating area. Oval-shaped coffee tables are an interesting and tailored alternative to rectangle-shaped tables. Square black coffee tables bring your contemporary design into focus.

Use a modern black coffee table to elevate the style in your home

Contemporary black coffee tables are versatile and elegant. Use your black coffee table to play up a high-contrast black and white color palette. Choose a small coffee table to optimize the functionality of your modest space, or incorporate a large design to match the scale of your other generously-sized furniture. Offering designs by all your favorite furniture brands, 2Modern has the perfect modern black coffee table for your home!