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Modern Oval Coffee Tables

Use an oval modern coffee table to make a chic statement in your living space

With their refined, soft, modern shape, oval coffee tables are a stylish choice for your living room. The coffee table is a resting place for your food and drinks, your daily read, your tablet or laptop, and so much more. It is a frequently-used, essential addition to your living space. Coffee tables are also a perfect opportunity to express your style.

How to decide on the best oval coffee table for your home

While coffee tables are incredibly functional and useful, they should also speak to your unique, refined taste. Deciding on a style and features that suit you best can help you hone in on the ideal oval coffee table for you.


  • With options like walnut, oak, and pine, wood tables are beloved for their heirloom quality. A popular material for oval-shaped coffee tables, wood is a versatile and durable choice.
  • Glass makes a sophisticated addition to oval coffee tables, lending an element of refinement and style.
  • An oval-shaped marble coffee table is a smart way to add this substantial, rich material to your home. Marble tables make a stunning statement in your modern living room.
  • Choose a metal coffee table or an oval-shaped design with metal accents to introduce an industrial touch.


  • Neutral colors make the shape of your oval coffee table truly stand out. In your modern home, neutral colors allow the designs and materials to take center stage.
  • Adding a brightly-colored coffee table to your living space makes a bold and striking statement.
  • Black, oval-shaped coffee tables complement sleek, contemporary furnishings and make a rich addition to the modern living room.
  • White coffee tables are clean, fresh, and modern. Combine a stark white table with an oval design for a completely current design component.


  • Use an oval-shaped farmhouse coffee table to introduce a rustic, warm, and welcoming piece to your living space.
  • Go with a Scandinavian design for its simple, straightforward, and modern appeal.
  • Incorporate a mid-century modern coffee table into your living room to complement your retro taste, or use it to mix and match designs for an eclectic, one-of-a-kind combination.
  • Introduce a touch of contemporary charm with a modern, oval table.

Incorporate an oval coffee table into your modern home

Oval coffee tables help to fill space in your seating area and offer convenience to those gathered around. Ideal for spaces with multiple seating options, an oval coffee table is a smart way to improve the function of your living room and provide each person with a place to station their belongings. They are also a beautiful, more family-friendly alternative to rectangular coffee tables.

With brands like Menu, Huppe, BDI, and many others, 2Modern has the oval coffee table that will fit perfectly into your well-appointed modern home.