Modern Glass Coffee Tables


Tie your modern living room together with a modern glass coffee table

Glass tables are a popular choice for the contemporary home for many reasons. Not only do they catch the light in an unbeatable way, but they also draw the eye toward their sleek, reflective surfaces. Providing an optical illusion of sorts, glass coffee tables are a chic and stylish way to give your living room a functional, yet unexpectedly modern anchor. When you browse the incredible selection of modern glass coffee tables available at 2Modern, you’ll begin to picture just how beautiful these designs could be in your own one-of-a-kind, well-edited space.

Tips for choosing the perfect glass top coffee table for your home

Your lifestyle is perhaps the most important factor to think about when you’re considering a glass coffee table. While glass tables have an incomparable ability to give your space an open, contemporary ambiance, they are not well-suited for everyone. Modern glass coffee tables may not be the best choice for those with small children. Because they are prone to fingerprints and scratching, and because they are inherently fragile, glass is simply not among the most durable, child-friendly materials. While many tables feature tempered glass, which is more durable and heat-treated, they are still not completely resistant to damage.

Next, think about the design style that you tend to gravitate toward. Perhaps you love the raw, rustic appeal of industrial design, or maybe you lean toward minimalism with Danish or Scandinavian furniture. Mid-century modern glass coffee tables are another gorgeous option because they lend artistic, retro charm to a space. Choosing a style that speaks to your own individual taste is a brilliant way to choose the right table.

Consider the many shape options when selecting a glass top coffee table. Round or square tables are well-suited for square-shaped rooms, spaces with close-together seating, or small areas. Rectangular or oval tables work best in larger rooms or in spaces with spaced-out seating.

Finally, think of ways to incorporate other colors and textures for a completely unique look. Add a hint of gold with brass legs, choose a design with a chrome base for a shiny touch of silver, or incorporate black metal for an industrial look. Choose a design with white marble for a rich and lovely focal point, or use a glass-topped wood coffee table for a natural, earthy ambiance.

Frequently asked questions about modern glass coffee tables

Q: Are glass coffee tables good?

A: If your goal is to have the most stylish, chic space, a glass coffee table is an excellent way to do just that. Glass tables have a unique way of adding contemporary charm to your home.

Q: Are glass tables dangerous?

A: Most modern glass coffee tables are made with tempered glass, which is shatter-resistant, heat-treated, and more durable. However, no glass table is completely shatter-proof. Therefore, glass tables are not the most child-friendly, danger-free choice.

Q: What type of glass is used for coffee tables?

A: As mentioned above, most designs feature tempered glass for added durability. However, not all designs use this type of glass. Be sure to read about each table’s specific features if you’re searching for a particular type of glass.

Q: Do glass tables scratch easily?

A: Glass tables are more prone to scratching than many other materials.

Q: Are glass tables hard to clean? How do you clean them properly?

A: Glass tables are surprisingly easy to clean. One safe and simple way to clean a glass table is to use a clean microfiber cloth dampened with water. Avoiding the use of chemicals or paper towels can prevent scratching, clouding, and other damage.

Q: What accessories do I need if I choose a glass coffee table?

A: The best accessories to pair with your glass coffee table are coasters. Coasters can prevent water rings and scratches - not to mention, they add a touch of personality to your table. Accent your table with a stack of coffee table books, a simple plant, a decorated tray, or other décor for a well-accessorized and personalized space.