Modern Aluminum Coffee Tables


Give your living room or patio an unexpected upgrade with an aluminum coffee table

Aluminum is a brilliantly beautiful, unbelievably versatile, and exceptionally strong material, which makes it a smart material for a stylish, modern coffee table. Because aluminum is low-maintenance and durable, it makes for a long-lasting table that you'll get to enjoy for years to come. Peruse the impressive selection of aluminum coffee tables available at 2Modern to see just how well they complement your other upscale, chic furniture and decor.

Choosing the right aluminum coffee table

First, it's a smart idea to determine the table size that works best for you. Whether you're designing a cozy, yet elevated outdoor living area, or you're coordinating a layered, one-of-a-kind living room, choosing the appropriate size will ensure that your table meets your needs and suits your style. You'll want to choose a table that makes an impactful statement, but doesn't overwhelm or disappear into the space.

Next, decide on a shape for your modern aluminum coffee table. You might make this decision based on personal preference, or you may want to consider the size and shape of your room or patio to determine which shape is the best fit for your home. Square or round tables are excellent for square-shaped rooms, limited spaces, or close-together seating arrangements. Rectangular or oval tables work well in larger areas or in more spaced-out seating groups, as they allow for easy table access for everyone in the room.

Another key feature to think about is the color of your table. A silver finish lends a raw, classic look to your back yard or room, while a black hue brings rich, sophisticated contrast. White aluminum lends a bright, clean quality to your space, and gray is a well-loved neutral for its ability to deliver chic cohesion. You might even choose a bold hue like green, orange, or red. Modern aluminum coffee tables truly come in just about every color imaginable.

Finally, comparing aluminum to other metals can help you solidify your decision. Cast aluminum is impeccably low-maintenance, and its durability is hard to match. Stainless steel is another common metal. Depending on the type and gauge, stainless steel can dent or corrode more easily than aluminum. Iron is yet another popular choice for its strength and its raw, industrial look. Iron is an excellent choice for interior tables, but may not work well outdoors because it can corrode or rust. Aluminum differs from other metals in many ways, and choosing an aluminum coffee table will allow you to reap all of the unique benefits of this high-quality, high-performance material.

Anchor your modern indoor or outdoor living area with an aluminum coffee table

From ultra-contemporary, drum-shaped aluminum coffee tables to sleek and simple Scandinavian pieces, 2Modern offers a stunning variety of designs to give your home the perfect finishing touch. With cast aluminum options, glass- or wood-topped tables, and so many other options, you're sure to find a modern aluminum coffee table that speaks to your own unique personal style. Our can't-miss options include designs by top names like Botanist Series by Orange22, Skargaarden, Cane Line, Urbia, Azzurro Living, and beyond. Curating a beautiful collection of interior and exterior furniture and décor is easy when you shop at 2Modern.