Modern Teak Outdoor Dining Tables

15 Solid Reasons to Love Teak Outdoor Furniture

Aside from its obvious good looks, teak outdoor furniture brings enduring elegance to any exterior location, weathering the elements beautifully, and remaining impervious to the ravages of time.

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Modern outdoor teak dining tables are an instant classic

Offering durability, strength, quality, and beauty, teak is an excellent choice for an indoor or outdoor dining table. Teak is a unique hardwood that actually becomes more beautiful and refined as it ages. Its warm, recognizable hue promises a welcoming and stylish atmosphere. Browse through the unbeatable selection available at 2Modern, and you’ll see why a teak dining table is exactly what your modern home has been missing.

Choosing the right teak table for your patio

First, you’ll need to determine the perfect location for your teak table. Perhaps you’re creating a chic outdoor dining space. If you’re using the table outdoors, you’ll want to ensure that you choose a design that’s made for outdoor use. Outdoor tables have coatings and finishes that allow them to withstand rain, extreme temperatures, sunlight, and outdoor wear and tear. Indoor teak wood dining tables are also incredibly durable, but they may not be intended for outdoor use.

Next, think about the table size that makes the most sense for you and your dining space. If you’re a single person who doesn’t entertain often, or if you only live with one person, a small table could meet your needs best. If you have a large family, or if you’re the dinner party host in your friend group, a large teak dining table might make the most sense in your gorgeous, modern home.

Consider the many shape options when choosing a patio teak dining table. This decision might be solely based on personal preference, or it could depend on your outdoor dining space itself. If you have a square-shaped room or a limited amount of space, a square or round table could be a wise option. If your room or patio is large and spacious, an oval or rectangular table could meet your needs and fill the area perfectly.

Finally, weigh the many options when it comes to the style of your new modern teak dining table. If minimalism is your preference, a Danish design is an excellent choice. Go for a farmhouse-style table for a warm, welcoming, rustic look, or use an industrial design for raw, architectural charm. If you gravitate toward artistic, retro furniture, choose a mid-century modern teak dining table.

Tie your outdoor dining space together with a modern teak table.

Promising warmth and beauty, teak dining tables are a robust, breathtaking addition to your patio or dining room. Pairing your stylish table with coordinating dining chairs, dining benches, and sideboards is a brilliant way to create a one-of-a-kind, carefully-curated look. With designs from top names like Barlow Tyrie, Skargaarden, Sika Design, Skagerak, and more, it’s easy to find the perfect modern teak dining table at 2Modern.