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Outdoor Tables

About Outdoor Tables

One of the joys of having outdoor space is that when the weather turns warmer, it presents a chance to make the outside areas of your home a true extension of your home’s interior. Creating a warm and welcoming outdoor area that also unifies your indoor design selections is easier than ever, and it begins with the basics: an outdoor table and chairs. Before you embark on a shopping spree for outdoor tables, though, ask yourself a few key questions to ensure that you’re investing in a modern outdoor table that best suits your outdoor space, and also makes sense for how you intend to use that space.

How big should my contemporary outdoor table be?

This might seem like an obvious question, but it’s not uncommon for people to purchase designer outdoor tables that, while stylish, are too big for the space in question, or inappropriate for the way the outdoor space is typically used. If, for instance, you have a fairly large outdoor patio, but you’re not given to entertaining more than a few people at a time, there’s no need to feel pressure to buy the largest modern outdoor table your space can accommodate. Making sure that patio tables make sense for the life you lead is as important as matching up table dimensions to the dimensions of your patio. Your outdoor spaces should reflect your life as much as you indoor rooms do.

What material is best for outdoor patio tables or garden tables?

There’s a range of materials suitable for designer outdoor tables and chairs: teak, aluminum, powder coated steel, plastic.Which is best is a matter of personal taste, but as a rule, it’s worthwhile to consider buying outdoor furniture—weather deck table and chairs, or garden table and chairs—that requires the least amount of upkeep. Powder coated steel is sturdy, suitable for most weather conditions, and isn’t precious, so can make a beautiful modern patio tables. On the other hand, steel can be heavy, so a plastic garden table that’s both lightweight and suitable to most weather conditions may be the perfect choice. Wood is classic and stylish, and a contemporary outdoor table made of teak will weather beautifully—but the price point may be higher. So, ultimately, with the variety of outdoor materials available, budget and taste will determine which material you settle on for your modern outdoor tables.

Does a modern garden table require matching chairs?

As it is with indoor tables, there are no rules for garden tables and chairs, least of all that they should be a matching set. Mixing and matching a contemporary outdoor table with unrelated, but complementary, chairs is not only acceptable, but apt to make a more interesting outdoor design statement. So, if you find a table you like, but don’t necessarily like the chairs that match it, go ahead and select a set of chairs that are from an entirely different collection and a different material altogether.

Are square outdoor tables better than a round ones?

Some people prefer round tables to square ones because they can accommodate extra people less awkwardly, but ultimately, neither round nor square patio tables have a serious advantage over the others. The shape and size of your outdoor space, personal preference, or simply falling in love with a particular design will be the more likely deciding factors in the patio or modern garden tables you purchase than shape ever will be.