Modern Bar Furniture

Create A Modern Entertainment Center In 5 Easy Steps

Whether you're binge-watching Breaking Bad or cooling off to Coltrane, enhance your downtime with a modern entertainment center that's music to your ears—and easy on the eyes.

Try This Recipe For A Delicious Modern Bar Setup

A balanced combination of functionality and style is the key to an eye-catching home bar display.

Unwind and entertain with modern bar furniture

Setting up a bar area at home is fun for entertaining, but also great fun when you just want to enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail in the comfort of your own home. Creating a specific spot that replicates the cocktail lounge or bar experience is made easier today, given the wide selection of modern bar tables, stand-alone modern home bars and bar stools on the market today. If you're aiming to set up a modern bar in your home, however, consider the following questions to ensure that the modern home bar you end up with makes sense for your home's layout and for your lifestyle.

Where do I begin when creating a modern bar at home?

Modern home bars can be as expansive or as compact as needed, so the first thing you should decide on is how large you want your bar to be, and where it will reside. It's important to choose a location within your home that complements the floor plan and creates a natural flow of traffic, especially when entertaining. Be realistic about how large a modern bar you need. Obviously, if you don't entertain often, or if you can't afford to surrender a lot of space for this project, particularly large modern home bars make no sense. Small bars can be just as visually arresting and useful as large ones, so make sure you build a modern home bar that's not just for show, but tailored to how—and how often—you'll really be using it.

What should I look for in bar tables and other bar furniture?

If you decide against building a bar counter, a bar height table will become essential, so shopping for bar tables will become a priority. Modern bar designs take full advantage of the sleek and elegant tables currently available, which will help set the tone for the rest of your bar furniture. When choosing a bar height table, select the material—whether wood, metal, glass, or a synthetic material—that best complements the rest of the finishes in your home. Ideally, home bar designs shouldn't be visually different from the other design elements in your home, but, rather, should be part of a seamless, unified design statement.

How else do I need when creating a modern bar at home?

Other than sourcing bar tables or a bar height table, finding bar stools will become essential for creating your modern home bar. Because of their height, bar stools tend to be attention-getting, and, therefore, present an opportunity to create a stylish visual statement. When creating a modern bar at home, bar stools will be the most visible of your furniture selections, so capitalize on that and put some thought into how your bar stools will look in the context of the rest of your home. Whether you decide on bar tables or a bar height table, remember that bar stools should be precisely measured to ensure that the stool height complements the table or counter height. There's nothing more discouraging than finding the perfect bar stools, and then finding them too tall or too short for their associated bar tables.