Modern Outdoor Bar Stools

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Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space With Patio Bar Stools

Outdoor bar stools and counter stools are a terrific seating option for decks, patios and pool areas, lending a casual, contemporary ambience to outdoor spaces, and creating seamless extensions of a kitchen or dining area. Modern outdoor stools are not for every outdoor space, though, so if you're considering adding outdoor bar stools to your outdoor seating scheme, you may want to ask yourself some relevant questions before making a final decision.

When do Contemporary Patio Bar Stools or Counter Stools Make Sense?

This is an important question because not every outdoor space is conducive to the particular look and feel of an outdoor bar stool or outdoor bar furniture, in general. Depending on the size and other features of your outdoor space, a bar or counter area may be awkward and not the best use of the outdoor space on hand. So, while it's easy to become enamored of the look and feel of contemporary outside bar stools, be sure that your patio, pool, or deck will be enhanced by the inclusion of bar stool seating, and that a bar seating area also suits your personal and entertaining needs. Ultimately, the furniture you choose should be driven by the way you use your outdoor space, rather than driving you to use the space in a particular way.

Choosing Which Modern Outdoor Bar Stools Are Right For You

When choosing which modern outdoor bar stool is right for you, you want to take into consideration the height of the surface at which you will be accompanying your new outdoor bar stools. Keep in mind you typically want to have a minimum of 9-13” between the top of the seat and the base of the counter or table for comfort. Bar stool heights are typically between 28’ to 30’ from floor to seat. For outdoor spaces that are well-covered, any type of material will do as it will be well-protected from the elements.

For more open outdoor areas, consider the material of the outdoor bar stool you plan to buy. Metal is a wise choice as it is very versatile and comes in a variety of finish options and styles. Metal outdoor bar stools are very durable and unaffected by moisture and sun. Recycled plastic outdoor bar stools are also incredibly durable and UV-resistant and can be found in any color under the sun. For a coastal touch, solid teak wood bar stools are a great option as they are naturally rot resistant and stand up to mildew. For any fabric seating, make sure it is Sunbrella or a similar fabric so you know it will not fade being left out in the sun.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Outdoor Stools

While it may not be top of mind, storage potential is a significant factor when buying furniture. Many modern outdoor bar stools are stackable and can easily be stored away in a corner outdoors or in a basement without taking up much square footage. This also helps if you are looking to keep a few extra seats around for when unexpected guests drop by or when you host a large gathering, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough seats.

Modern Outdoor Bar Stools FAQs

  • What Material is Best for Outdoor Bar Stools?

Outdoor bar stools need to be able to withstand heavy rain, high winds, strong sun and depending on where you live, falling snow. This means that cotton and leather are certainly out of the question, but more durable materials like steel, polyester, nylon, and aluminum are in. Any type of metal, especially if it is powder-coated, is going to be able to stand up to the unexpected elements of the outdoors with little to no upkeep. For a more rustic look, solid wood options made from teak are also great as they are naturally rot resistant, but will need to be covered on days with severe weather. And if you’re in the market for a more colorful design, recycled plastic modern bar stools are durable and UV-resistant, perfect for any outdoor entertainment area.

  • How Many Modern Outdoor Bar Stools Do I Need?

With standard-height seating, whether couch, lounge chair or low stool, you should not feel forced to buy a certain number of seats. With contemporary outdoor counter stools or bar stools, though, for obvious reasons, you'll definitely want to invest in at least a pair. Fostering conversation with a single barstool is all but impossible, but whether or not you'll need more than two outdoor counter stools will depend upon how large your bar, counter, or dining area is, and how comfortably more than 2 barstools will fit around it. A good rule of thumb is to have a minimum of 6 inches between bar stools so you can sit comfortably without feeling crowded.

  • What's the Difference Between an Outdoor Bar Stool and a Counter Stool?

Buying the wrong size modern outdoor stools is a common mistake, so measuring the surface area around which your patio bar stools or counter stools will be clustered is imperative. Generally, there are 2 standard heights around which outdoor bar stools and counter stools are designed. Counter stools are the shorter version of the two, and typically measure around 28 inches high. This is the height suited to, say, a kitchen island or kitchen counter, so if an outdoor kitchen area with counter space is where the stools will reside, this would probably be the height you'll want. Bar stools are the statuesque counterparts to counter stools, measuring around 32 inches high, and suited to an actual bar or bar table.

  • Can I Mix and Match Modern Outdoor Stools?

Absolutely. As with outdoor chairs and other seating, there's no rule that says that an outdoor bar stool has to have exactly matching companions. What should match is their height, but other than that, feel free to select a suite of designer outdoor bar stools that complement each other, whether by material, color, or overall design, if a matching set is not your cup of tea. As with indoor furniture, outdoor bar furniture should reflect your taste and imagination, so don't be afraid to put your own mark on a space, whether indoors or outdoors.