How To Create A Cozy Dining Room With Limited Space

Create a cozy and intimate dining space to enjoy with friends and loved ones with our top furniture designs perfect for smaller living spaces.  

Select A Round Dining Table To Make The Most Of Your Space

When space is tight, a circular dining table makes the most of your dining area, eliminating corners and maximizing seating potential. For a cool, industrial space, opt for an all metal design, or go for a more glam or art deco look with a glass-topped table situated on a metallic, metal base. Sleek and chic is always the name of the game and for a Scandinavian or contemporary space, solid wood dining tables and marble-topped stunners are always on the menu.


Choose Streamlined Seating For Space-Saving Style

Opt for dining chairs where the top of the seat is a solid 8-12 inches below the top of your table so you and your guests can sit with ease without worry of bumping your legs on your tabletop. For a smaller dining space, dining side chairs – chairs without arms are best so they can tuck in closer without bumping elbows and everyone at the table has plenty of space to sit and relax or get up and move about.