Scandinavian Seating


What makes Scandinavian seating unique?

Scandinavian design is characterized by understated, functional, and minimalist styles. Nordic seating is a popular choice for its clean lines, quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship. Inherently modern, Scandinavian seating is a well-appointed addition to your contemporary interior design.

What types of Scandinavian seating are available at 2Modern?

2Modern offers a variety of seating types, allowing you to carry Nordic design throughout your entire home. Choose from:

  • Dining Chairs – Scandinavian dining chairs are the ideal way to bring elevated simplicity to your dining room. Pair with a coordinating Nordic table, or create an eclectic environment by incorporating a traditional, farmhouse, or mid-century modern table.
  • Stools – Pull up a seat at your counter with Scandinavian-style stools. Your kitchen design will take center stage, and your stools will add a complementary layer of style.
  • Sofas – Choose a Danish style sofa to combine comfort with modern design. With clean, classic lines and upscale textiles, a Scandi sofa is a smart choice for any lifestyle.
  • Accent Chairs – Incorporate Scandinavian accent chairs for a reimagined seating area. Welcome a pop of color with a brightly-hued design, or choose a neutral style and let the unadulterated form speak for itself.
  • Lounge Chairs – Relax in harmony with Nordic-inspired lounge chairs. The artistic shapes will add a sophisticated but comfortable element to your home.
  • Rocking Chairs – Enjoy the simplicity and laid-back appeal of a Scandinavian rocker or glider. Unwind and revel in the straightforward forms and textures.
  • Benches – Welcome friends and family to gather around the dining table, provide a smart seating solution in your entryway, or add extra seating to your living space with a Danish bench. The timeless, yet completely contemporary design style will make a brilliant addition to your carefully-curated home.
  • Office Chairs – Even work will be more exciting when you choose Scandinavian seating for your office. The balance and tranquility of Danish design will create a calming and inspiring environment, encouraging productivity and creativity.

Scandinavian seating carries refined style throughout your entire home.

By selecting Scandinavian pieces for all the seating throughout your home, you’ll enjoy a consistent, clean, and tailored design aesthetic. From the dining room to the office and everywhere in between, Scandinavian seating will provide chic, well-designed feng shui.

Choose clean, eye-catching, mixed media designs from Menu; opt for curved, flowing, visually intriguing styles from Muuto; or incorporate comfortable, reimagined, conversational designs by Mater. 2Modern offers brands and styles that will grow and evolve over the years along with your own individual tastes.