Scandinavian Dining Chairs

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20 Elegant Dining Room Chairs

Our favorite dining room chairs have more than good looks to recommend them. Ranging from iconic to innovative, eco-friendly to cutting edge, these distinctive modern designs are superbly crafted to offer both comfort and versatility.

Complement your dining table with Scandinavian chairs for sleek, straightforward style.

Scandinavian design is known for its clean lines, functionality, and natural elements. With Scandinavian dining chairs, your mealtime experience can be equal parts comfortable and classy. Pairing your Danish seating with a dining table in a similar style brings a cohesive and well-edited look to your room, but creating an eclectic environment with a farmhouse or mid-century modern table allows you to curate a look that’s uniquely yours. Whatever the colors, materials, brands, and styles, 2Modern has the dining chairs you’re searching for.

How to choose the perfect Scandinavian dining chairs.

  • Consider the color scheme you want in your dining room. Your Scandinavian seating can provide contrast in the form of a pop of color, and a splash of bright red, blue, or even orange is the perfect way to play with hues. Black chairs can set a rich, sophisticated tone in your space, while white seating plays up the modern side of Danish design. Gray tones take an elegant approach, and neutral earth tones provide warmth and freshness. The color of your chairs can have a surprising impact on the overall aesthetic of your dining area.
  • Selecting the right material for your Scandinavian dining chairs is a smart way to incorporate texture, interest, and depth. Choose upholstered chairs for ultimate comfort. Opt for wood seating for a long-lasting, natural touch. Use leather chairs to create a rich, classy environment. Incorporate metal seating to combine Scandinavian style with industrial flair. Use velvet chairs for a luxurious, chic feel. The materials you choose can truly elevate your dining room design.
  • Browse all the top brands and choose the designer that speaks to your own personal style. Use designs by Carl Hansen and Son to incorporate clean lines, soft curves, and lavish materials. Choose Connubia chairs for their rounded, flowing shapes and stunning colors. Invite texture, color, and evolved style with Scandinavian seating by Gubi. Invite artistic, textured, striking designs with Cherner chairs. Use Danish styles by Muuto for their oversized comfort, rounded shapes, and neutral colors. Opt for Menu chairs to put a modern spin on Scandinavian design with rich tones and simple shapes. With the best-loved brands and the most eclectic selection, 2Modern has the Scandinavian dining chairs to suit your space.
  • Decide on the type of chairs that will best suit your dining area, lifestyle, and design aesthetic. Pair arm chairs with side chairs for a textured look. Keep things cohesive by using the same kind of chairs all the way around the table. Choose an outdoor chair for your sunroom or patio space. Considering each style option will ensure that you discover the Scandinavian designs that will make your dining room one-of-a-kind.