High quality design with a distinct Nordic twist is the philosophy of Menu, a Danish brand that aspires to "make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to." Collaborations with celebrated Scandinavian contemporary designers and architects has defined the Menu range of modern furniture, lighting, and home products—each imbued with the Nordic penchant for hand applied craft and visual clarity.

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JWDA Table Lamp by Menu
Menu JWDA Table Lamp from $149.95
Best Seller
Bottle Grinders (Set of 2) by Menu
Menu Bottle Grinders (Set of 2) $69.95

Tailor Lounge Sofa by Menu
Menu Tailor Lounge Sofa from $5,500.00
POV Circle Candleholder Wall by Menu
Menu POV Circle Candleholder Wall from $49.95
Carrie Portable LED Lamp by Menu
Menu Carrie Portable LED Lamp $149.95

Wire Marble Top by Menu
Menu Wire Marble Top $119.95

Afteroom Dining Chair 4 Legs by Menu
Menu Afteroom Dining Chair 4 Legs from $324.95

Snaregade Round Table by Menu
Menu Snaregade Round Table from $2,300.00
Afteroom Coat Hanger by Menu
Menu Afteroom Coat Hanger from $129.95
Editor’s Pick

JWDA Metallic Pendant by Menu
Menu JWDA Metallic Pendant $349.95
Towel Ladder by Menu
Menu Towel Ladder $500.00

Plinth Cubic by Menu
Menu Plinth Cubic $1,200.00

Peek Table Lamp by Menu
Menu Peek Table Lamp $324.95

Echasse Vase by Menu
Menu Echasse Vase from $199.95
Norm Wall Clock by Menu
Menu Norm Wall Clock from $199.95
Cage Side Table by Menu
Menu Cage Side Table from $199.95

Afteroom Counter Table by Menu
Menu Afteroom Counter Table $1,100.00
Afteroom Cafe Table by Menu
Menu Afteroom Cafe Table $1,000.00

Darkly Mirror by Menu
Menu Darkly Mirror from $249.95

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