Modern Plant Stands

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Bringing joy to the planting season, and beyond, are our favorite indoor planters. Engineered from steel, plastic, concrete, and ceramic, these contemporary planters offer everything from elegance to eco friendly materials, beautifully primed to showcase flowers and greenery throughout the year.

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Craft the inviting and well-accented front porch of your dreams with a pop of floral beauty stored in one of our top outdoor planter designs.

Why Choose a Modern Plant Stands

Biophilic beauty is in! Spending more and more time at home, bringing the outdoors in creates a sense of calm, energizing your space with positive vibes. Modern plant stands come in a variety of materials, colors, shapes, and sizes to easily suit your space and elevate your favorite flowers, plants, or mini trees. Because it is taller than a traditional flowerpot, modern plant stands are great for filling space within a home and creating a purposeful display of your floral favorites. Placing plants in a stand also frees up more space on the floor allowing you to fill with more potted pretties. Some plant stands, depending on their size and shape also offer plenty of space for multiple plants so you can create a welcoming design for an entryway or hallway in need of some brightening up.

Choosing a Modern Plant Stand that Suits Your Space

As you can see, here at 2Modern we have a wide variety of planters to choose from and several stands to support them. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, there are plenty of options to suit your space, budget, and preferences. When selecting a plant stand for your space, consider how tall you want your stand to be if it's going to be situated in a corner, or on a windowsill, or as part of a back deck display. Taller stands are great for filling empty corners or landing spaces on a stairway, whereas shorter stands are great for tabletops, wide window sills, and balconies. For contemporary homes warm finishes in gray, blue, pink, or white help to make the greenery pop, while adding a fresh vibe to your home. Scandinavian spaces benefit from black-finished stands, while farmhouse modern does well with brass metal or solid wood options. If possible, choose multiple plant stands in a variety of sizes to create a layered look that establishes visual intrigue and dimension to your home.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Planter

Considering a plant stand? Think of the ease of use it will bring to your home when watering and maintaining if they are not at floor level. For smaller plants and plants that need lots of sun, a modern plant stand is ideal for ensuring your plant has access to enough sunlight for growth. Depending on your home, selecting a plant stand that can be used both indoors and out may be ideal if you like to shift your plants from your dining room to your patio for special occasions.

Modern Plant Stands FAQs

Should Indoor Plants be on a Stand?

Depending on your space, keeping your plants on a stand is a great way to create a cohesive space and add in some color or pattern. This also makes things easier when caring for your plant as you won’t have to bend down or constantly pick up your plant when watering or trimming.

What Should the Height of a Planter be?

A good rule of thumb is selecting a planter that is half of the height of the plant it is holding to create a balanced look within your space. For example, a plant that is 12 inches tall should be potted in a planter that is 6 inches tall. This planter can then be added to a stand for more elevation in any room.

How to Choose a Planter Color?

Most plant stands tend to be a basic color like black, white, or brown, so selecting a planter that offers a pop of color can really help your plants stand out and be seen. Think about how you want your plants displayed within your space and if you want them to stand out as a focal point or mesh with the rest of your decor. Darker colors like black draw your eye in and make your plants a focal point, working to ground a room full or bright colors or jewel tones. White is clean, crisp, and versatile and is perfect for bringing a bit of a muted tone to bright areas where color is very apparent. Brown is wonderfully warm and brings a real homey touch to your space, inviting people to relax and unwind. Gray is often considered industrial, but is a wonderfully decorative color that can make a space feel calm without distracting from the overall design scheme.