Modern Standing Towel Racks

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What Is A Free Standing Towel Rack?

A free standing towel rack is a functional decor piece that is the perfect accent for a guest bathroom or master bath, designed to hold various linens for drying or making them more accessible in your space. Free standing towel racks are great for bathrooms with ample square footage as they do take up some space on the floor whether out in the open or stashed in a corner. Modern standing towel racks come in a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes, and styles to fit perfectly within your aesthetic and your home.

Choosing Which Standing Towel Rack Is Right For You

When selecting a modern standing towel rack, you want to make sure that it meshes well with your aesthetic and overall style. Opt for a standing towel rack design that matches the finish of the hardware in your bathroom. Matte black, white, chrome, and copper are all fabulous options that will elevate your space and ensure it looks cohesive. Secondly, decide on the size you need that will best fit your space. If it's more than two people sharing the bathroom, a multi-tiered design will hold the maximum amount of towels, keeping your floors tidy and clean.

How A Free Standing Towel Rack Can Accentuate Your Style

Think of a free standing towel rack as another decor piece for your bathroom, it will add a hint of style and accentuate your space with little to no effort. For a modern bathroom with lots of white and black or plain colors, an all-white towel rack is the perfect choice to keep things simple and illuminate the space around it. For a more traditional space, a bronze or chrome design would be a great option for keeping things orderly and showing attention to detail within the space. For a more industrial or even Scandinavian-inspired space, matte black or wrought iron designs bring a handsome touch that stands out and brings a sleek touch to your daily routine.

Modern Standing Towel Racks FAQs

  • Where Is The Best Place To Put A Towel Rack?

As a general rule, towel bars, racks, or stands, should be conveniently located next to each sink and bath fixture. Bars work best on the longest wall in the bathroom whereas free standing towel racks can be installed in a corner near a bathtub, right next to the sink, or by the entrance to your shower.

  • What Is The Best Material For Towel Racks?

The most common material for modern towel racks is a variety of metals. This is because it looks attractive in your space, the finish can be matched to your hardware, and it won’t be affected by the consistent dampness in the bathroom. If you opt for a wooden towel rack, you need to ensure it has been water-treated to withstand moisture. For outdoor showers, consider a plastic or vinyl option, this will stand up to the weather and look great for years to come.

  • Do Towels Dry Better on Hooks Or Bars?

Towels dry best and much more quickly when they are not folded or bunched up. A towel bar is best to allow maximum space to dry while being neatly stored in your space. A multi-layer free standing towel rack provides you ample space to store fresh towels while drying used ones.