Modern Round Dining Tables

Top 20 Contemporary Dining Tables

Whether round, square, or rectangular; wood, metal, or marble, our favorite contemporary dining tables are timeless designs, built to outlast trends and fashion.

20 Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Often the social center for the home , the dining room is a great space to express your style, skillfully reflecting the many ways in which you can use it. Peruse our picks for creating the modern dining room of your dreams.

Choose a round dining table to complement your signature style

Round tables are a tried-and-true staple in the modern dining room. The timeless circular shape allows each person seated at the table to feel connected and comfortable. Round dining tables are an excellent option for smaller dining areas. However, a larger dining room can also be an exceptional place to house a more substantial round table, bringing that same intimate feeling to even the most spacious dining area.

How to decide on the table that suits you best

2Modern offers a wide selection of round modern dining tables. Because of this variety, you’ll want to narrow your search by considering a few key features.


  • A modest, bistro-style table is an ideal choice for accommodating a couple or small family. A 36” to 48” table will provide ample space for up to 4 people.
  • For ample space to entertain 6 people, a 60” round table is a smart choice. You’ll want each person to have room to eat, drink, and move comfortably.
  • Easily seat 8 people with a 72” table. A brilliant way to welcome your larger family or host an intimate dinner party, a larger round dining table will make an incredible addition to your modern dining room.
  • If you still aren’t sure which size table is best for you, use our how-to guide!


  • Use a round white table to make a clean, modern, and vivid statement.
  • Opt for a gray-toned dining table for its chic, subdued style.
  • Incorporate a round black table into your dining room for a bold and rich touch.
  • Select a round, modern table in a neutral shade to easily coordinate with a bench,  chairs, and accent furniture of any style and color.


  • Adored for their clean, simple, and sophisticated lines, round Scandinavian dining tables are the ideal complement to any modern dining room.
  • A round mid-century modern dining table is sure add a unique, retro element that draws the eye of every guest.
  • You can’t go wrong with a traditional dining table, and a round table with a pedestal is the ultimate way to incorporate a touch of timeless design.
  • A round farmhouse table combines the warm, welcoming style and comfort of rustic designs with the approach ability of a round table for the ultimate country-inspired dining experience


  • Known for its durability and heirloom quality, walnut wood is a popular material in round dining tables.

  • Glass is a clean, stylish addition to a dining table, offering clarity and one-of-a-kind depth to your modern table.

  • Marble is a substantial, luxurious material that brings a richness and sophistication to your dining room.

  • Use a round metal dining table to invite a hint of industrial charm into your home.

Use a round dining table to express your unique taste and sensibility

Round tables are the most inviting and comfortable option for accommodating guests. No matter how many friends or family members you’re hosting, a round table will make your modern dining room feel like an intimate, welcoming space. With the impressive variety of dining tables available at 2Modern, you’ll find the unmatched design and heirloom quality you’re searching for in a new table.