Modern Queen Beds

Top Master Bedroom Ideas For A Modern Sleep Retreat

Whether simple and sumptuous or refined and regal, your master bedroom is your sanctuary for welcomed respite and hard-earned recovery. With a few simple upgrades - think smart furniture choices, elegant lighting, and chic accessories, you can design the master bedroom of your dreams ready to inspire many nights of beautiful sleep.

12 Dreamy Contemporary Beds

Our favorite contemporary beds are a handsome lot. Ranging from minimal to luxurious, Mid Century-informed to forward-thinking, each of these elegant designs has been meticulously crafted to induce sweet dreams.

Set the tone in your bedroom with a modern queen bed.

With their generous, yet unobtrusive dimensions, queen sized beds are the perfect “middle ground.” With a mattress size of 60” x 80”, queen beds are the preferred choice of more than half of all American adults. For singles who enjoy ample space in bed, or for couples or families with a modest amount of bedroom space, queen-sized beds are the ideal marriage between comfort and practicality. Queen beds from 2Modern make a tailored, stunning addition to your modern home.

What features should I consider when selecting a bed?

  • Think about your lifestyle and the features that matter most to you. Do you have young children who might bump or bruise themselves on a metal or wood bed? An upholstered bed with padded edges could be your best bet. Do you have pets who use upholstery or wood as a scratching post? Metal might be the ideal choice. Do you gravitate toward the timeless texture and beauty of wood? A wooden bed could be just what your room is missing.
  • The color of your bed can be the feature upon which the design scheme of your entire room is based. Opt for neutral, earthy tones to allow the design to speak for itself. Make a bold statement by incorporating a blue, red, green, or even a purple modern queen bed into your space. Choose a shade of gray for its soft subtleties, a rich black for a sophisticated look, or a stark white for its clean, contemporary qualities.
  • Considering the design features of your modern queen bed can go a long way in ensuring that you choose the bed that best fits your lifestyle and your preferences. Perhaps your design aesthetic gravitates toward farmhouse style, or maybe you love mid-century modern designs. Maybe a storage bed or one with built-in nightstands is the best way to make use of your limited space. Whatever your priorities, 2Modern has the queen-sized bed to meet your needs and your style!
  • Today’s beds often take a simplistic approach by allowing you to skip the foundation or box spring. Platform beds are a smart choice because they don’t require a box spring. Traditional beds are also popular, requiring a foundation for proper setup.

Reimagine your space with a modern queen-sized bed.

With their modest dimensions and unique designs, the modern queen beds at 2Modern meet all your needs without sacrificing on style. Choose from top brands like Copeland Furniture, Huppe, Bernhardt, Blu Dot, Calligaris, Pianca, ARTLESS, and more, you’re sure to find the perfect bed for your space. If you’re searching for a stunning, stylish new queen-sized modern bed, look no further than 2Modern.