Mid-Century Modern Beds

Top Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas For Sophisticated and Streamlined Sleep

Filled with Hygge, (the Danish word for comfort) Scandinavian bedrooms are light and airy, layered with cozy accents that inspire peace and restfulness. With a focus on a limited color palette sprinkled with the warmth of natural woods and rustic accents, we’ve put together a selection of bedroom ideas that show capturing the serenity and simple sophistication of Scandinavian decor has never been easier.

12 Dreamy Contemporary Beds

Our favorite contemporary beds are a handsome lot. Ranging from minimal to luxurious, Mid Century-informed to forward-thinking, each of these elegant designs has been meticulously crafted to induce sweet dreams.

Why Choose a Mid-Century Modern Bed?

Mid-century modern beds are a great choice for your home due to their clean-lined style and neutral versatility, making them an easy choice for master and guest bedrooms alike. Available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and finishes, you can easily find the mid-century modern bed that perfectly fits with your aesthetic and chosen colorways. With distinguishing features such as low-profiles, angled legs, and a focus on utility, mid-century modern beds are designed to be as functional as possible while maintaining a high level of beauty. With minimal ornamentation, mid-century modern beds are going to stand out thanks to their smart silhouettes, high-quality materials, as well as their geometric and/or organic forms. Look for designs with optional headboard, hidden storage, or attached nightstands, with materials ranging from solid walnut or oak to steel and leather. Perfect for both small and large sleep spaces, mid-century modern beds are sure to elevate your space and bring many years of beautiful and blissful sleep.

How a Mid-Century Modern Bed Highlights Your Bedroom Decor

With a wide variety of styles, mid-century modern beds are super versatile and can bring beauty to your bedroom while fitting in with a variety of interior design schemes. If you have a smaller space and need optimal storage, look for a mid-century modern storage bed. Love the minimalist look? Opt for a mid-century modern platform bed which eliminates frills and provides the perfect platform for a plush mattress. The low profile design and supreme minimalism of most mid-century modern beds means that the headboard won’t get in the way and you can accentuate your bedroom with plenty of wall decor and additional accent pieces to get the look that you want. Pair with solid wood side tables outfitted with plenty of storage and matching table lamps in a neutral hue for a cozy and welcoming retreat you’ll spend time in day and night. 

Is Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Decor Going Out Of Style?

Long considered a timeless interior design style, mid-century modern beds are more popular than ever thanks to their versatility, effortless style, and clean-lined features, allowing them to blend with a variety of interior design schemes. Available in solid wood or metal construction with natural and colored finishes, mid-century modern beds are long-lasting both in style and function and are sure to provide a lifetime of use. At 2Modern, we have a fabulous selection of mid-century modern beds to choose from to fit your budget, design vision, and lifestyle, so shop today for the best in mid-century modern furniture and decor. 

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Decor FAQ's

  • How Do You Make a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom?

Popularized in the 1940’s and still popular to this day, creating a bedroom that is mid-century modern in style is easier than ever with a wide selection of products from 2Modern. Defined by clean lines, organic forms, bold, primary colors, and supreme functionality, this style has timeless appeal and is easy to work into other aesthetics. Look for furniture with tapered legs which is a tell-tale sign of mid-century style. Opt for a mix of materials to bring texture into your space including wood, metal, wool, woven materials, and leather. Pair primary colors with neutrals to create an approachable, yet stylish space, but take a more minimalist approach to keep things function-first with a less-is-more philosophy. Lastly, embracing retro shapes, sputnik lighting, low-profile, angular seating, and splayed legs all play a part in creating the perfect mid-century modern bedroom. 

  • Why Is Mid-Century Modern Style So Popular? 

Mid-century modern style remains so incredibly popular to this day thanks to its familiarity and versatility with its clean lines and minimalist form that makes it both timeless and easy to blend with a variety of other styles. It's a classic aesthetic that transcends time, with an incredible roster of iconic designs that are still sought after in the present day. Brands such as Knoll, Herman Miller, and Gubi offer eye-catching and dynamic designs that can be found on 2Modern’s curated collection of fabulous finds.