Modern King Beds

Top Master Bedroom Ideas For A Modern Sleep Retreat

Whether simple and sumptuous or refined and regal, your master bedroom is your sanctuary for welcomed respite and hard-earned recovery. With a few simple upgrades - think smart furniture choices, elegant lighting, and chic accessories, you can design the master bedroom of your dreams ready to inspire many nights of beautiful sleep.

12 Dreamy Contemporary Beds

Our favorite contemporary beds are a handsome lot. Ranging from minimal to luxurious, Mid Century-informed to forward-thinking, each of these elegant designs has been meticulously crafted to induce sweet dreams.

Use a Modern King Bed to Create a Warm, Welcoming Environment.

A king-sized bed is a statement-making, roomy, cozy choice for your modern bedroom. With their large dimensions and commanding presence, king-sized beds are the ideal choice for spacious bedrooms, individuals or couples who love having an abundance of space, and families who enjoy movie night in the parents’ room. At 76” by 80”, a king-sized mattress is long, wide, and spacious. A modern king-sized bed can be the perfect way to create an unbeatable ambiance in your bedroom.

What Features Are Most Important When Choosing a Bed?

  • Some beds require a traditional box spring or a foundation, while others use slats to support your mattress without the use of a box spring. A platform bed is a modern approach to skipping the foundation and opting for simplicity.
  • With a number of incredible design features, you’re sure to find the bed that speaks to your own style and sets the ideal tone in your space. Choose a platform bed for a minimalist approach, go for a design that incorporates storage to maximize your space, or use a canopy bed to add dimension and height. Opt for a highly-detailed headboard to make a statement, or choose a design that incorporates built-in nightstands for its unique, space-saving benefits.
  • The color of bed you choose is a direct reflection of your individual tastes. Neutral tones easily complement any existing decor, from farmhouse to mid-century modern to contemporary and everything in between. Incorporate a deep, rich shade of gray or black to make a bold statement. Take advantage of natural wood grain textures and hues to draw inspiration from nature itself.
  • Your lifestyle is an important consideration when selecting the perfect modern king bed. If you have pets who like to scratch at your wood surfaces, a metal frame may be the best choice for you. If you have young children, embrace their playful personalities by opting for an upholstered bed with padded corners. If you’re searching for an heirloom-quality, timeless design, wood is a material that never goes out of style.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern King Size Bed

The final thing to consider when buying a new modern king size bed is of course the type of mattress you are looking to support. Platform beds with no slats are ideal for any type of mattress including memory foam. King beds with slats typically are best for spring mattresses, but can support some memory foam options depending on how many slats it comes with. With the wide selection of modern king beds at 2Modern, your bedroom will become your new favorite space to relax and recharge. Choose from top brands like Bernhardt, Copeland Furniture, Calligaris, Blu Dot, MASH Studios, and many others to get the perfect design to match your aesthetic and tie your space together. You’ve carefully curated all the furniture and decor in your bedroom, now it’s time to elevate your style with a gorgeous, modern bed from 2Modern!

Modern King Bed FAQs

  • What are the Dimensions of a King Size Bed?

While king size bed frames may differ slightly due to headboard thickness or additional accents, king size beds are typically 76” x 80” and are perfect for a couple or for those who really enjoy stretching out.

  • What Size Rug for King Bed?

Since a standard king size bed measures 76 inches wide, a 10’ x 8’ rug ensures you have 18-24 inches of space around your bed providing a soft touch underfoot as you get in and out. You may also opt to not have your rug fully under your bed in which case, as long as there are at least 18-24 inches on either side of your bed frame, it should look proportionate to your modern king bed.

  • How Many Pillows on a King Bed?

In the end, this is up to your personal comfort and aesthetic needs. For a king size bed, there are many ways to arrange your pillows, with some being more formal than others. Stack, prop, mix sizes, and decorative shapes and textures, to achieve a custom look that is all your own. For a more formal look, start with three European-sized pillows layered with two king-sized pillows, and then finish with two 20”x20” decorative pillows centered in front of the king size shams. For a more casual vibe, layer your favorite sleeping pillows with various throw pillows that have matching colors, textures or shapes for a cohesive design layered atop your mattress. To keep things easy for making your bed each morning and night, a maximum of 7 pillows means you won’t have to feel like its a total chore to take them down and put them back each day.