Modern Medicine Cabinets

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Why Choose a Modern Medicine Cabinet?

To maximize the space in any bathroom, modern medicine cabinets provide additional storage potential without sacrificing precious square footage. Usually equipped with a mirrored surface, modern medicine cabinets are installed on your wall to provide a focal point above your bathroom sink and a hidden spot to store daily essentials. Medicine cabinets are particularly helpful in smaller bathrooms that may not be equipped with extra cabinets or storage space. With several stylish options to choose from at 2Modern, our modern medicine cabinets are ready to elevate your primary or guest bathrooms with streamlined, convenient, and functional style.

Choosing Which Modern Medicine Cabinet Is Right For You

When selecting which modern medicine cabinet is right for you, you’ll want to consider the layout of the bathroom it is going to be installed in, the aesthetic you are looking to achieve, and the amount of additional storage space you are looking to achieve. Typically, most modern medicine cabinets are rectangular in shape and can act as your main mirror depending on the size, blending in with your surroundings. Other medicine cabinets are smaller in size and work to accent your current bathroom mirror and are typically installed on a supporting wall or another space within the bathroom. For maximum storage potential, look for modern medicine cabinets that have multiple shelves hidden within allowing you store all of your go-to products and bathroom accessories. For a larger bathroom space, use two medicine cabinets above each sink for double the storage space –perfect for a primary bathroom when you don’t want to share with your spouse. Typically free of ornate details or frills, modern medicine cabinets are sleek and simple, but can be framed with another color wood or metal. Just be sure to select a color that meshes well with your hardware and other accent pieces in your bathroom for a clean and cohesive look.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Medicine Cabinet?

When selecting a modern medicine cabinet, the last thing to consider is whether you would like a recessed or surface mounted design. A recessed modern medicine cabinet sits within your wall providing a seamless, flat surface, as if there is just a mirror on your wall. A surface-mounted modern medicine cabinet sticks out a bit as it sits on the surface of your wall and either has shelves sitting behind it or has a door you can open to access what is within. Recessed medicine cabinets tend to be the popular choice, but depending on the space you have to work with, a surface-mounted option can be a great choice as well.

Modern Medicine Cabinet FAQs:

  • Are Medicine Cabinets Still in Style?

Most definitely! While the sterile, metal versions of the past are certainly out, modern, stylish designs are still very much a welcomed sight in contemporary bathrooms. Reinvented into a clean, seamless mirrored cabinet, these designs offer significant storage without sacrificing on the design of your bathroom or the space within.

  • Should Your Medicine Cabinet Match Your Vanity?

Short answer is no. Your modern medicine cabinet does not have to perfectly match the vanity in your bathroom, but you do want the sizes of both to pair well together. Choose a modern medicine cabinet that works with and complements the width, depth, and overall design of your vanity. The medicine cabinet should be equal to or slightly less than the width of your sink or vanity.

  • What Should Be Stored In A Modern Medicine Cabinet?

As one typically leaves their essentials - the items they use for morning and evening routines, out on the counter, a modern medicine cabinet is perfect for keeping things that you use regularly, but not everyday out of sight. This can include a first aid kit, sunscreen, beauty tools, perfume, medication, and any extra toiletries you may have stocked up on.