Modern Floor Lamps

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Perimeter Floor Lamp by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Perimeter Floor Lamp $499.00
Best Seller
IC Lights F Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS IC Lights F Floor Lamp from $845.75 $995.00
Stilt Floor Lamp by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Stilt Floor Lamp $499.00
Best Seller

Grashoppa Floor Lamp by Gubi
Gubi Grashoppa Floor Lamp $1,029.00
Kabuki Floor Lamp by Kartell
Kartell Kabuki Floor Lamp $1,126.25 $1,325.00
Spun Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS Spun Floor Lamp from $1,355.75 $1,595.00

Elise Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Elise Floor Lamp from $290.00
AJ Floor Lamp by Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen AJ Floor Lamp $953.70 $1,122.00
Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp by Herman Miller
Herman Miller Cigar Lotus Floor Lamp from $505.75 $595.00

Twiggy Floor Lamp by Foscarini
Foscarini Twiggy Floor Lamp from $2,433.00
Mosso Pro Floor LED Lamp by Koncept
Koncept Mosso Pro Floor LED Lamp $346.50
Tenda Floor Lamp by Sonneman
Sonneman Tenda Floor Lamp $260.00
Best Seller

Tab Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS Tab Floor Lamp $335.75 $395.00
Archer Mega Floor Lamp by Seed Design
Seed Design Archer Mega Floor Lamp $1,100.00
Best Seller
Cortina Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Cortina Floor Lamp from $390.00

Arco LED Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS Arco LED Floor Lamp $2,545.75 $2,995.00
Z-Bar LED Floor Lamp by Koncept
Koncept Z-Bar LED Floor Lamp $324.00
Type 1228 Floor Lamp by Anglepoise
Anglepoise Type 1228 Floor Lamp $390.00

Link Floor Lamp by LZF
LZF Link Floor Lamp $2,200.00
Clamp Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Clamp Floor Lamp $600.00
Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp by Foscarini
Foscarini Havana Outdoor Floor Lamp from $998.00

Monkey Outdoor Standing Lamp by Seletti
Seletti Monkey Outdoor Standing Lamp $499.00
Bel Air Floor Lamp by Sonneman
Sonneman Bel Air Floor Lamp from $1,380.00
Cancan Adjustable Floor Lamp by Lights Up
Lights Up Cancan Adjustable Floor Lamp $474.00

Contour Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Contour Floor Lamp from $590.00
Funiculi Floor Lamp by Marset
Marset Funiculi Floor Lamp $432.00
Best Seller
Bubbles Lamp by Vondom
Vondom Bubbles Lamp from $235.00

Gloss Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Gloss Floor Lamp $445.00
Ray Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS Ray Floor Lamp from $1,355.75 $1,595.00
Flat Floor Lamp by Modern Forms
Modern Forms Flat Floor Lamp $299.00

Small Balad Lamp by Fermob
Fermob Small Balad Lamp $122.00
Lolita Floor Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Lolita Floor Lamp from $1,563.15 $1,839.00
Equo LED Floor Lamp by Koncept
Koncept Equo LED Floor Lamp from $269.00

Toio Floor Lamp by FLOS
FLOS Toio Floor Lamp $1,270.75 $1,495.00
Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp by Artemide
Artemide Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp from $803.25 $945.00
Circa Floor Lamp by Pablo
Pablo Circa Floor Lamp from $695.00

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Statuesque, by definition, modern floor lamps are surefire attention-getters, thanks to their height alone. Offering plenty of opportunities for creating compelling lighting statements, floor lamps are also supremely versatile, amenable to being modified for specific needs, and to being moved from one room to another—and, therefore, make excellent design investments.

What’s the advantage of contemporary floor lamps over other lamps?

As mentioned, modern floor lamps have two major advantages: size and versatility. Like a modern chandelier, a sizable modern floor lamp may be capable of providing all the illumination a room needs, eliminating the need for any other type of lighting model. Unlike chandeliers, though, floor lamps are rarely site-specific, making them easily movable from one room to another, and equally effective as lighting solutions for just about any room in the house.

Modern floor lamps also provide ample opportunities to inject serious design cache into a room. Much like other large-scale items—a sofa or coffee table, for instance—the visual space contemporary floor lamps occupy automatically makes them focal points in a room in the same way a work of art or sculpture might be. For that reason alone, it makes sense to think carefully and strategically about the height, color, materials, and specific design elements of the floor lamps you purchase.

How do I select the best floor lamps?

Prior to purchasing contemporary floor lamps, be certain about the kind of lighting you want—meaning, decide about whether you’re searching for modern floor lamps that are the main lighting source in a room, or only aiming to illuminate a specific area in a more nuanced way. Are you looking for designer floor lamps as major decorative statements, first and foremost, or are you in the market for a primary source of illumination that happens to also be an exceptionally beautiful modern floor lamp?

These are salient pieces of information that will keep you from buying unique floor lamps that, while visually striking, don’t adequately address the lighting problems on hand.

In which room do modern floor lamps look best?

With the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, designer floor lamps can be appropriate for any room or space—providing the styles you select suit their primary function. If, for instance, you want floor lamps to sometimes provide focused illumination—for reading in a home library or study, or beside a lounge chair or couch in the living room—you’ll be smart to select contemporary floor lamps with adjustable features, like articulated arms or swiveling heads, which allow for a change in the direction of light source. If you want a modern floor lamp to light up an entire room evenly, then a lamp that throws out multi-directional light may be the answer. There’s no shortage of styles, colors, and height in today’s selection of contemporary floor lamps, so there’s no reason to compromise when searching for unique floor lamps for a specific room.