Trend Watch: 1970s Interior Design is Having a Moment

A '70s revival is clearly evident in trending materials, colors & decorative motifs.

Breezy Rattan & Wicker

Rattan, wicker, and cane may conjure up scenes of sun-dappled decks and patios, but in the 1970s, wicker was a full-fledged indoor furniture trend. Light, breezy, organic—and the opposite of stuffy, upholstered furniture—rattan and wicker projected a carefree, youthful interior decorating approach, and that appeal is having a 21st Century revival. Designs like the Cane-Line Curve Lounge Chair, above, and the Sika Monet Highback Chair capture the current rattan craze beautifully, their sturdy, organic appeal seemingly lifted from a 1970s interiors magazine. And few furniture designs are as evocative of an era, or as much of a '70s sensation, as a hanging wicker chair, perfectly embodied by Sika's stylishly fetching Renoir Hanging Swing Chair.


Bohemian Tassels & Fringe

The countercultural movement, which started in the 1960s, was still going strong in the '70s, and there was Woodstock and its aftermath—crochet shawls, beaded vests, and all—to prove it. Buttoned-up corporate suits had their counterparts in carefree, colorful clothes and accessories, and interior design followed suit, with a Bohemian vibe that extended to slouchy sofas and Maharishi-inspired Indian textiles. Patricia Urquiola looked to India for her