Colorful Furniture & Decor from Kartell Sottsass Collection

Recent additions to the 2Modern furniture and decor range are objects from Kartell Goes Sottsass, a capsule collection of designs created for Kartell by Ettore Sottsass in 2004, but never before put into production. Bearing the bold volumes and emphatic colors that defined the Sottsass-founded Memphis movement, the Kartell Memphis collection brings to life designs that couldn't be technically realized in 2004. " enables us to realize Sottsass’ designs with a quality and sophistication that would have been impossible ten years ago," stated Kartell President Claudio Luti, when the collection was introduced in 2016. 

While Ettore Sottsass designed dozens of prototypes for Kartell, a limited number are slated for production—notable amongst them, the Pilastro Stool and Colona Stool, and the Calice Vase, sculptural pieces comprised of technologically advanced plastic composites for which Kartell has become famous. Available in 5 vivid colorways (including deep purple and electric green), this trio of striking designs remains the heart of the Kartell Goes Sottsass range. Also of note amongst Kartell's Ettore Sottsass tribute are new fabrics applied to iconic Kartell designs—which includes a fresh iteration of Philippe Starck's Mademoiselle Chair, now available in a choice of Sottsass-designed fabrics. View Kartell Memphis designs here >