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3 Easy Ways to Make Dorm Room Lighting Awesome

How To

Adopt these smart contemporary lighting ideas, and pass the dorm room lighting test with flying colors.

1. Splurge On a Rad Desk Lamp

It's a no-brainer that task lamps are a dorm room must, crucial for those late night cramming sessions—but that's no excuse to choose a forgettable design. With both good looks and cutting-edge technology to recommend them, cool desk lamps are easier than ever to find. Anglepoise has more than a few eye-catching designs, though our pick would be the smart and colorful Type 75 Paul Smith Edition 2, above, with signature Anglepoise articulated arm and pinpointed downward illumination shedding light wherever it's most needed. The Pablo Pixo Optical Task Lamp may be compact in size and energy usage, but its nifty 360 rotation and playful shape pay big lighting dividends. And the integrated USB port is an added bonus for staying fully charged.  

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2. Go Wireless With a Cool Battery-Operated Lamp

Why be tied down by wires and walls—and impose on your roommate—when going wireless looks this pretty? Battery-operated lamps that hold their charge for hours on end make late-night reading or studying a breeze. The Carrie Portable LED Lamp from MENU is all Scandinavian cool, outfitted with a nifty handle that makes toting it around and hanging it up easy as 1-2-3. Fatboy's Edison the Petit has a flat, sturdy base that makes it a pretty good bedmate when reading into the wee hours is called for—and keeps on glowing for up to 6 hours, to boot. And the FLOS Bellhop Rechargeable Table Lamp, at less than 8 1/2 inches tall, is so light, you can hold it in one hand, like a flashlight, and—no kidding—stays illuminated for up to 24 hours.

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3. Spell It Out With Retro Text Lighting

Have a favorite letter, number, or word? Then go ahead and spell it out in lights! Part art piece, part lamp, text lighting—especially one with a retro spin— adds oomph to empty walls and window sills, while making an illuminating personal (secret?) statement. Neon lamps from Seletti—like the ever-popular Neon Font Lamp—allows you to choose from every letter in the alphabet, numbers 0 through 9, and popular symbols, any of which can stand alone or form a customized word or phrase. The Seletti Alphacrete Neon Lamp puts an industrial spin on retro signage, its concrete form designed to either stand or be suspended. And the Seletti Lighthink Box Lamp, above, illustrates the power of color—and a single word.

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