Modern Wine Racks

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Why Choose Modern Wine Racks?

Every home is in need of a variety of organization tools to keep the space clean and clutter-free. The same goes for your dining room, kitchen, or wet bar area – so a modern wine rack is the perfect solution for keeping your favorite drink of choice neatly stored and displayed so you have the space you need for everything else. Modern wine racks come in a variety of shapes, styles, materials, and finish options to effortlessly suit your home and store as much as you need. Opt for a chic metal and leather design – perfect for an industrial, Scandinavian, or farmhouse modern space. Or go ultra-modern with a light and luxe acrylic design ideal for contemporary and art-deco spaces alike. 

Choosing Which Modern Wine Racks Is Right For You

When deciding which modern wine rack is right for you, you need to take into consideration the space you will put it in, the aesthetic you are going for, and the amount of wine you are looking to store. Opt for a wine rack that blends well with your decor, but does not necessarily match perfectly so it stands out as a decor piece as well as storage. For a simple dining room or kitchen storage piece, space for 6-8 bottles of wine is plenty for meals and weekend events. For a home that is always entertaining, look for designs that hold between 10-20 bottles or can be stacked to accommodate all of your favorites. Consider the space your wine rack is going into to determine if you want a tabletop wine rack, hanging wine rack, or stackable wine rack on the floor. If you can give up some square footage, a stackable or tabletop wine rack is best, whereas hanging or wall-mounted wine racks are great for keeping things off the floor and out of the way. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Wine Rack

For most people, the look as well as the size and capacity are the most important factors when looking for a new modern wine rack. Factoring in material and color is important as well to get the best wine rack for your space. Materials like woods, metals, and leather work great in a wide range of spaces, while plastics, acrylic, and more playful designs are good for contemporary, avant garde, and maximalist homes. Ultimately, it's up to you and how you feel about the look of the modern wine rack and as long as you are happy, you’ll never run out of reasons to use it. 

Modern Wine Racks FAQs

  • Where do I Place a Wine Rack?

Wine racks should be placed in any spot that makes accessing them as convenient as possible. Typically stationed in a dining room or kitchen, wine racks can be placed atop an at-home bar or in any sort of entertainment space to keep your favorite bottles of wine and liquor close by for friends and family to enjoy. Depending on the size of the wine rack, it can sit on the floor, or on top of a surface, so you can easily grab the exact wine you are looking for. 

  • How to Decorate a Wine Rack?

Wine racks themselves can typically be decorative to fit into your design scheme, but pairing them with additional pieces to create an at-home bar or serving area is key. Add in your favorite modern barware tools and glassware like wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers and more for a well-equipped spot that is your go to for serving guests. 

  • What are the Different Types of Wine Racks?

There are a variety of wine rack types to suit your space and needs. For smaller homes or spaces, a wall-mounted or hanging wine rack gives you additional storage without sacrificing square footage. Stackable wine racks allow you to add as many additional pieces you need to expand your collection of vintages. Tabletop wine racks are simple and fit almost anywhere holding three to ten bottles of wine.