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7 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Set the Scene

How To

Whether you are setting the table for an evening at home, an upscale dinner soiree or simply looking to add decor to accent your dining table when not in use, we make it simple to create a welcoming spot in your home with a few easy adjustments to express your overall aesthetic and tie everything together in a well-balanced space.

Round Dining Table Decor Ideas

Round dining tables are widely used in smaller dining spaces and homes short on space. To create an eye-catching tabletop design, choose a decor piece to act as the focal point resting dead-center while your dinnerware and flatware surround the outside. A basket makes a nice addition ready to hold condiments, napkins, and drinks, while a round vase is the ideal vessel for a brilliant floral display or even floating tealight candles.

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Square Dining Table Decor Ideas

Creating a centerpiece focal point on a square dining table allows you to set the scene for your aesthetic and craft a table setting that is both refined and balanced. Square napkin rings echo the shape of the table while presenting an unexpected accent to hold your table linens or silverware, while an abstract bowl deviates from the shape of the table, but offers a stunning centerpiece to be filled with fruit or your favorite edible decor. Round this out with a defined dining place laid out thanks to placemats and fine china, and your guests will be eager to find the best seat in the house.

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Rectangular Dining Table Decor Ideas

The most expansive of the dining table shapes, a rectangular table offers more surface area to decorate and gives you a great opportunity to showcase multiple design possibilities. When not in use craft individual floral designs in vases of your choice, using varying heights to create a unique statement-making design to fill the space. To create layers and contrast, while playing up the table’s long lines, use a runner to lay a foundation and top with trays of food or your favorite candleholder design, then use woven placemats to effortlessly delegate a proper place for guests to sit.

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Simple Dining Table Decor Ideas

Setting a simple dining table is all about incorporating whatever makes you feel happy and keeps things cool and casual. Small bud vases with a few of your favorite stems can bring a verdant touch while tealight candleholders offer a twinkling touch that doesn’t overwhelm. Finish off with your favorite linens and plain white dinnerware for a calming tablescape that is both straightforward and stunning.

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Farmhouse Dining Table Decor Ideas

Rustic, chic, and oh so welcoming, modern farmhouse style dining rooms are filled with down home goodness. Think warm tones in shades of brown, beige, and cream, with accenting colors of sage, faded blue, or ivory. Incorporate these colors through leather trimmed candle lanterns, raw linen napkins, traditional-style glassware, and woven accents to craft a tablescape that is fresh off the farm and brimming with style.

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Formal Dining Table Decor Ideas

Formal dining rooms often have several components in common including silver, fine china, and crystal. These elevated materials tend to be the go-to when setting for an elegant affair, but should act more as guidelines rather than standards. Try a unique piece of decor such as the porcelain jaguar sculpture below which stretches along the length of your table, while stylish champagne glasses remain at the ready to be filled to the brim. Polished stainless steel candle holders in an abstract shape bring height and unexpected form to your dining room, while a striking blue dinnerware set accented in real 22k gold sets the scene for a marvelous evening ahead.

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Scandanavian Dining Table Decor Ideas

Light and airy with a focus on natural materials and straightforward designs, Scandinavian dining table decor is minimalist in form, but makes a stunning style impact. Shades of white, tan, cream, and gray pair well with natural wood serving pieces, simple stoneware plates, and even rattan-wrapped candleholders to craft a memorable tablescape that allows you to enjoy your friends and family in relaxed sophistication.

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