Modern Shag Rugs

Top 20 Modern Rugs That Make a Statement

Go ahead and be floored! Our favorite modern rugs put on quite a floor show. Best selling designs with striking composition round out our list of beautiful and practical contemporary carpets for home or office—a stylish collection you'll want to sink your feet into!

8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Rug

Serving as an accent piece and an anchor for your space, a dining room rug transforms the overall look of a space and forms a foundation on which you can build a room that is both well-appointed and welcoming.

Why are shag rugs making a comeback?

Shag rugs are defined by their shaggy, deep pile appearance. Shag carpet and rugs were a centerpiece of 1960s and 1970s interior design, but they’ve made a comeback in recent years. Discerning modern interior designers love the look of shag rugs because they are truly the ultimate in ultra-plush comfort. Modern shag rugs add texture, warmth, and elegance to your stylish modern home. At 2Modern, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of shag rugs to elevate and accent every room in your home.

How do I choose the right contemporary shag rug?

First, think about your personal style preferences. Look around your home and make note of your favorite pieces. What style do you gravitate toward? A modern shag rug is the perfect opportunity to complement your furniture and décor, but it’s also a unique way to mix and match styles. Use a mid-century modern shag rug for retro refinement, a farmhouse-style rug for a warm and welcoming look, or a contemporary shag rug for ultra-modern charm.

Next, consider your many color options. Your shaggy modern rug can serve as an extension of your existing color palette, or it can bring a bold hue to your space. Gray is the ideal cool-toned neutral, making it perfect for just about any space. If you prefer warm tones, beige is another smart neutral that adds an earthy touch to your home. White is a clean, sophisticated choice, while black adds depth and drama. Eye-catching hues like blue, green, red are a chic way to incorporate color and create visual interest.

Decide on the rug size that makes the most sense in your space. A large 10’ x 14’, 9’ x 12’, or 8’ x 10 rug is the perfect way to achieve a cohesive, pulled-together look in your living room or create a cozy and welcoming look in your bedroom. 6’ x 9’ rugs work best in playrooms, guest bedrooms, nurseries, or even a smaller living room. 5’ x 8’ rugs are ideal for limited spaces, such as a small bedroom or an apartment living room. The size of your room should weigh heavily in your decision. The rug should be a practical addition to the space. For example, if you’re styling a living room, you’ll want a shag rug that allows all of the seating, coffee tables, and end tables to rest comfortably on top of the rug. You also want to be sure that your rug doesn’t flow into other spaces or overwhelm the room. Keep walkways and paths around furniture in mind when you’re deciding on your ideal rug size.

Lastly, hone in on the best placement for your contemporary shag rug. Perhaps you’d like to create a well-thought-out, comfortable seating area within your living room, or maybe you want to bring warmth and comfort to your bathroom with a shag runner rug. Incorporate a shag rug into your bedroom to tie your bed and nightstands together and add cushion under foot, or use one in your guest bedroom to provide guests with cozy accommodations.

Use modern shag rugs to add plush texture and unbeatable style to any space

With the incredible shag rugs available at 2Modern, it’s easy to elevate your home and create a polished look. Choose from well-loved top brands like Chandra and Surya. Your home will instantly become more inviting, chic, and refined when you choose a beautiful, contemporary shag rug.