Modern Twin Beds

Top Kids Bedroom Ideas for a Playful and Productive Sleep Space

Transform your little one’s bedroom into a restful and supportive oasis outfitted for everyday living with our selection of kids bedroom picks sure to suit any interest and style.

12 Dreamy Contemporary Beds

Our favorite contemporary beds are a handsome lot. Ranging from minimal to luxurious, Mid Century-informed to forward-thinking, each of these elegant designs has been meticulously crafted to induce sweet dreams.

Use a modern twin bed to create a stunning, contemporary environment.

Modern twin-sized beds may be small, but their impact is significant. With mattress dimensions of 38” x 75”, twin beds are perfect for limited spaces, children, and guest bedrooms. They’re also a brilliant choice for shared kids’ rooms. At 2Modern, you’ll find all the top brands and designs to create an unbeatable ambiance in your space.

What features should I consider when choosing a twin-sized bed?

  • Particularly when shopping for children’s furniture, color is an important consideration. Your little one might have his or her own idea of the perfect hue for their twin bed. Natural, neutral tones can be a wise choice because they easily grow with the child, allowing for bedding and decor of any style and color. Kids might gravitate toward a bold pop of orange, purple, or blue. Black beds make a modern addition to a space, while white beds bring a clean, contemporary look to the room.
  • If you’re shopping for a guest bed, you might gravitate toward a metal bed for its sturdy construction and industrial style. For a children’s bed, wood can bring a traditional, timeless touch to the space, allowing you to pass the piece down to future little ones. Upholstered beds provide the padding and protection that parents often seek for their young children. You’ll also want to consider any pets in the home and the damage they might cause before selecting a modern twin bed.
  • Today’s beds typically come either in a platform style, allowing you to skip the box spring or foundation, or in a traditional style that requires the use of a foundation. You’ll want to consider your preferences and plan ahead when shopping for your new bed and looking at bed frame styles.
  • Thinking about the design features that will suit your space is an important step in choosing the perfect modern twin bed. Platform beds take a minimalist approach, and canopy beds make a grand, beautiful statement by adding dimension and height to even the most limited spaces. Highly-detailed headboards add an artistic focal point. Perhaps your style leans toward the traditional, maybe you prefer mid-century modern designs, or maybe you gravitate toward contemporary beds. If you want to take full advantage of the bed’s footprint and make space for off-season clothes, toys, and more, storage beds are a brilliant option. Beds with built-in nightstands offer versatility and unique design. No matter the design elements that speak to you, 2Modern has the perfect twin bed for your space.

Set a modern tone in your limited space with a twin bed.

Modern twin beds make up for their modest size by adding a stylish, contemporary touch to your room. With designs by Blu Dot, Oeuf Design, Monte, and Eastvold, 2Modern has the top brands and most stunning styles you’ll find anywhere. Beds from 2Modern transform your space into a more functional, comfortable, and beautiful environment.