Modern Outdoor Poufs

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Top 10 Modern Outdoor Products

When decorating a modern outdoor space, a little extra something goes a long way. A standard outdoor accessory or two, remade with a dash of imagination, can turn an ordinary outdoor space into a memorable summertime vignette.

Why Choose Modern Outdoor Poufs?

Modern outdoor poufs are an effortless, yet functional addition to any outdoor space and are praised for their versatility and multifunctionality. With multiple colors and styles to choose from, contemporary outdoor poufs add visual appeal and round out an outdoor seating space, while providing additional surface area for both sitting and serving. Modern outdoor poufs are also designed to withstand sun and moisture –making them the perfect outdoor accessory to create a comfortable and welcoming space. Use as extra seating when unexpected guests drop by or top with a round or square tray to use as a side table for holding afternoon cocktails or your favorite romance novel with ease. 

How Modern Poufs Can Accentuate Your Outdoor Space?

Poufs are an excellent way to incorporate color and pattern into an otherwise neutral outdoor seating group. Look for options with colorful stripes, patchwork, or waves to bring a touch of personality and unexpected style to your patio, back deck, or garden area. Modern outdoor poufs are also lightweight and easy to maintain so they are the perfect piece to bring indoors and out to use when needed as you lounge by the pool reading a book, or for extra seating outdoors when hosting a family barbecue. Toss multiple outdoor poufs around your space and let guests seat themselves or pull one up to rest their weary feet. For a monochromatic look, opt for a single colored outdoor pouf to blend with your outdoor furniture for a cohesive presentation.

Are Outdoor Poufs Going Out Of Style? 

Thanks to their versatility and multifunctionality, outdoor poufs are a chic and convenient addition to any outdoor space and remain a stylish option for patios, decks, and verandas. Place several around any outdoor seating space, whether outdoor lounge chairs, sofas, or chaise, and utilize to kick your feet up and relax, as extra seating for guests, or top with a tray and use as a convenient side table to hold drinks, books, snacks and more. 

Modern Outdoor Poufs FAQs 

  • What is an Outdoor Pouf?

An outdoor pouf is a plush, yet structured piece of decor that is typically used as a foot rest or seat as part of an outdoor seating area. Outdoor poufs are wrapped in weather-resistant fabric making them suitable to stand up to the unexpected weather of the outdoors, while being easy to clean and maintain. 

  • Do Poufs Have to Match?

For a cohesive outdoor living space, using matching poufs will provide a clean, tailored look that brings resort-style vibes to your home. If you’re looking to make your outdoor space stand out, opt for colorful, or patterned outdoor poufs to make a statement against neutral furniture pieces. 

  • Can You Sit on an Outdoor Pouf?

Yes! Though compact in size, outdoor poufs work great as extra seating when in need. Depending on how plush your pouf is, it can work as a footrest, extra seating, or as an unexpected side table when topped with a metal, plastic, or wooden tray.