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Lay the perfect foundation with a modern outdoor mat

While we may think of rugs as strictly indoor entities, the fact is that modern outdoor rugs and mats have many benefits, and not all of them are esthetic. Practically speaking, outdoor area rugs and mats keep dust and dirt contained, can be used to cover up unsightly imperfections in outdoor flooring, and can turn a patio, deck, or terrace into full-fledged outdoor rooms. If you decide to include indoor outdoor rugs and mats to your outdoor space, the following questions may help you make a more informed and attractive selection.

What are my material choices for modern outdoor rugs and mats?

Outdoor rugs range in material composition from optimal to less-than-optimal—from natural fibers, like jute and sisal, to synthetic materials, like plastic and nylon. While you're free to choose the contemporary outdoor rug material that most appeals to you, it makes most sense to focus on materials that require little upkeep, and which functions well under a variety of outdoor conditions. This typically will favor waterproof materials, like plastic, but if you have a partially covered outdoor area, like a terrace with a partial roof, for instance, it might be fine to choose an indoor outdoor rug that's unlikely to get wet. Either way, be sure to consider the limitations of your outdoor space before selecting modern outdoor rugs or mats. Not all materials are optimal for all outdoor spaces.

How should I decide on the right size outdoor patio rugs?

Two things should determine the size of the outdoor area rug you choose: the size of your space and how much of the floor area you want covered. Obviously, you're going to be ultimately limited by the size of your outdoor space, but along with that, make a determination of how much floor space you think merits being obscured. Depending on the floor of your patio or deck, you may find a combination of some floor exposure along with modern outdoor mats or rugs to be more attractive, but if the floor is not attractive in the least, then perhaps covering it up entirely is the best option. Either way, a designer outdoor rug plays an important role in creating ambience and contributing to the overall esthetic of your outdoor space, and how large or small a rug you choose place a crucial role. You definitely don't want contemporary outdoor rugs that are too small to make any impact or too large to overwhelm a space.

Are neutrals better for a modern outdoor rug?

There's no question that indoor outdoor rugs can change the look and feel of your outdoor space, just as traditional rugs can. And whether or not you decide that you want your outdoor area rugs to be a focal point of your outdoor space—or simply to bring all the other elements in the space together—depends on our personal preference. Just bear in mind that whether neutral or front-and-center, modern outdoor rugs play a significant role in making a place inviting and warm, and that role isn't necessarily determined by color or pattern. Your contemporary outdoor rug should be attractive in and of itself, yes, but it should just as much complement and unify the other elements around it.