Mini Light Pendants

222 Results

Mini Deco Pendant by Lights Up
Lights Up Mini Deco Pendant $200.00
Felis Flexirail Pendant by WAC Lighting
WAC Lighting Felis Flexirail Pendant $135.00

Bongo Flexrail Pendant by WAC Lighting
WAC Lighting Bongo Flexrail Pendant $169.50
Tank Light by Castor
Castor Tank Light from $510.00

Valentine Suspended Lamp by Moooi
Moooi Valentine Suspended Lamp from $1,315.00
Chouchin Mini Pendant by Foscarini
Foscarini Chouchin Mini Pendant from $572.00

Wireflow Free-Form with Plug by VIBIA
VIBIA Wireflow Free-Form with Plug from $770.00
Gala Pendant by Rich Brilliant Willing
Rich Brilliant Willing Gala Pendant from $1,440.00

Modern pendant lamps are undoubtedly among the most popular contemporary lighting models around, and no wonder. Suspended dramatically from ceilings, modern pendant lighting is designed to dazzle as much as illuminate. But being attention-getting doesn’t necessarily mean being particularly large. Mini pendant lights may be small in stature, but, if installed optimally, can pay big dividends in terms of both form and functionality.

Why would I choose mini pendant lights over standard modern pendant lighting?

Small pendant lights have their own appeal, namely that their relatively small size demands that they be hung in multiples—and this repetitious arrangement brings its own particular drama. Owing to the broad range of innovative and versatile small pendant lights on the market, creating an arrangement of mini pendant lights for kitchen or casual dining area, for instance, can turn a relatively ordinary layout into a striking lighting composition that might not be achieved with a single modern pendant light.

Where do mini pendant lights look best?

While mini pendant lighting is suited to most any room in the house, they tend to be most commonly used in the kitchen. Because of their petite size, small pendant lights are often shown off to advantage when used in groupings, and kitchen pendant lights suspended in a symmetrical row, typically above a kitchen island or counter, is a particularly attractive way to turn kitchen pendant lighting into a beautiful design statement.

Other than kitchen pendant lights, where else would I hang mini pendant lights?

Without a doubt, mini pendant lights for kitchen and other casual dining areas is a popular modern pendant lighting application, but there are other rooms for which small pendant lights may be appropriate. While a symmetrical arrangement of lights has a clean, contemporary beauty, a multiple arrangement in which small pendant lights are hung at different lengths produces a completely different effect, and one that can be applied to any room in the house, creating a sculptural focal point that’s similar to that of a single larger lamp or chandelier.

Additionally, in a tiny apartment or room, for instance, where a single larger lamp may be bit overwhelming both in terms of looks and light quality, mini pendant lights may be the smartest modern pendant lighting option, whether it’s hung as a single lamp to illuminate a reading nook, or a trio of lights suspended above a small dining room table.

With mini pendant lights, be mindful of size and height.

Whether it’s pendant lighting for kitchen or any other room in the house, size and height are as important with mini lights as they are for larger lighting models. Small, is of course, a relative designation, and even when mini pendant lights for kitchen areas are being considered, the height at which the lights are hung, in relation to other elements in the kitchen, as well as the size of each individual light, are key to finding the most beautiful and functional composition of mini pendant lighting.