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Modern Wall Lights

About Modern Wall Lights

Modern wall lights, which include sconces and swing arm lamps, are a good choice for areas where subtle illumination or adjustable lighting is needed. Site-specific and often with flexible elements that change the direction and angle of the light, modern wall lights are ideal as reading lights above bedside tables or as subtle accent lighting for a hallway—just a few examples of the broad range of applications for which you may find contemporary wall lights perfectly suited.

Why would I install a modern wall light?

While you may be find the idea of a permanently installed wall light fixture to be a little too permanent, bear in mind that there are certain areas of a home—a tiny room, dark hallway, or bathroom—for which modern wall lights are the best solution. When space is at a premium, but lighting is essential, contemporary wall lights are an ideal way to insert ambiance without taking up valuable real estate.

Wall lights make excellent modern bathroom lighting, offering the possibility of diffused, flattering light into room that would otherwise be defined by harsh, utilitarian lighting. Too, today’s wide variety of contemporary wall lights offer artful, state-of-the-art designs in a range of sizes and materials, making them handsome modern light fixtures that enhance and complement the other elements in a room— in addition to being both functional and efficient.

Where in my home would modern sconces look best?

Sconces, once old-fashioned lighting fixtures for traditional homes, have come a long way. Today’s modern sconces are technologically sophisticated and as visually striking as any other category of contemporary lighting—and that’s good news for the modern design enthusiast. Modern sconces provide excellent accent lighting, and look particularly beautiful when arranged at intervals down a hallway, emitting diffused, nuanced lighting. A pair of artful sconces flanking a bed are worthy alternatives to traditional bedside lamps that take up space nightstand space, and inject both beauty and efficiency into bedroom décor. Depending on your specific lighting needs, a modern sconce or collection of sconces can resolve lighting problems that no other lighting fixture may be able to properly address.

Why would I choose a swing arm wall lamp?

A modern swing arm wall lamp, with its adjustable features, makes smart modern bathroom lighting, ideal for makeup application and other rituals. A swing arm lamp works just as effectively in the bedroom, where pinpointed, modifiable lighting is optimal for reading in bed. And because swing arm lamps are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes, they present opportunities to make site-specific lamps integral to a room’s interior composition.