Modern Outdoor Wall Lights

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Modern outdoor wall lights are wonderful site-specific outdoor lighting for areas where both highly practice or subtle, adjustable outdoor lighting is needed. An outside wall light may be both static—providing illumination in a fixed diretion—or adjustable enough to redirect the angle and direction of light as needed. Either way, there’s a wide and varying range of exterior wall lights from which to choose, so it’s important that you do so carefully and thoughtfully.

Where would I install modern outdoor wall lights?

The most obvious location for an outside wall light is outside your front door, typically for safety reasons, but also for decorative reasons. A pair of contemporaory outdoor wall lights that flank a front door is both practical outside lighting for the evening and nighttime hours, but also makes an attractive statement, in general, and a welcoming statement to guests, But there are other places where an outdoor wall light can be hugely beneficial. Garden wall lights, for instance, which may line the wall of a backyard or courtyard are a beautiful way to highlight landscaping even at night. Porch or decks are ideal spots for exterior light fixtures, and an outside wall light or two is the perfect solution to creating an exterior space where dining and entertaining can continue into the wee hours.

What are my choices in outdoor wall lights?

When it comes to external wall lights or outside lighting of any kind, your choices are almost limitless. Exterior wall lights often fall into the ‘sconce’ category, meaning outdoor wall lights that are affixed to a wall and cast their light across the wall in specific or adjustable directions. But a sconce is no longer as narrowly defined as it once was, resulting in imaginative designs that are span a range from utilitarian to artful, ones that announce exactly what they are, and ones that may easily be mistaken for sculpture. Large and small, made from glass and steel, monochromatic and colorful, outdoor wall lights—whether modern garden wall lights or any other variety, present both visually exciting and wholly practical options for illuminating your outdoor spaces.

Is it energy efficient to install garden wall lights and other outside lighting?

The beauty of today’s range of contemporary outdoor wall lights is that there’s a wide selection of lamps—whether outside wall light or modern exterior light fixtures of any kind—that’s both esthetically beautiful and eco friendly. Designers of outside lighting have taken advantage of LED technology, which uses a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting of the past, so whether selecting a single outdoor wall light or a whole suite of garden wall lights, rest assured that getting the look that you want doesn’t have to involve being wasteful or irresponsible.