Modern Outdoor Lighted Furniture

Ten Patio Lighting Ideas Sure to Sparkle

Spotlight on style! With summer just around the corner, the thrill of outdoor entertaining and relaxing on the patio is becoming front-of-mind. Transform your back deck or al fresco dining space into an extension of your home with our sleek and modern outdoor lighting picks, and let the summer vibes sink in.

9 Modern Patio Decor Ideas

Create an instant style update with these modern patio decor ideas that will turn your outdoor space into a refuge to entertain or unwind. From shade-baring umbrellas to chic outdoor fire pits, get inspired with our top designs, and look forward to warmer days ahead.

Light up the night with modern outdoor lighted furniture

One of the more novel ways to decorate and furnish an outdoor space is with the use of LED lighted furniture—furniture fitted with LEDs, intended to illuminate when plugged in. Far from being kitschy, LED furniture can be sophisticated, striking, and—depending on the context—downright magical. A lone modern LED coffee table or a pair of LED chairs, for instance, can turn an ordinary outdoor arrangement into something quite special. LED outdoor furniture isn't for everyone or every space, needless to say, but if you find yourself considering purchasing one or two pieces of LED outdoor furniture, ask yourself the following questions:

Why should I invest in LED lighted furniture?

Opting for LED furniture is, first and foremost, a matter of personal taste. If you like the look of white outdoor furniture that glows and lights up a space—and it fits into your budget—there's no reason not to put your resources towards LED tables or chairs. But aside for taste, a modern LED table or chairs can have other advantages.

The first is practical. Outdoor furniture that also acts as lighting has an obvious twofold advantage, and outdoor life is greatly enhanced when good lighting as well as good furniture is part of the equation. LED furniture emits light that's both functional and nuanced, adding to an outdoor space's ambience immeasurably. Secondly, aside from practicality, LED lighted furniture makes a fantastic visual statement. Walking onto a deck or patio, and being greeted with glowing furniture is guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone's face.

What's the first thing I should consider when buying designer LED furniture?

Not every space is equipped to handle furniture that requires an electrical cord, so the most essential thing to determine before buying a designer LED table, chairs or, stools is that your deck or patio has relatively easy access to an electric outlet. If neither outside electrical outlets nor a means for plugging into indoor outlets exist, then illuminated furniture is not going to make much sense. So, even if you love the look of lighted furniture, ensure that you have the fundamental requirements for it before making a purchase.

Secondly, an LED table or seating will tend to automatically becomes a focal pointing any space, so once you're determined your budget, it's important that you assess how illuminated furniture fits into the broader scheme of your design features. For instance, a modern LED coffee table is a great choice if you want to draw the eye towards the table and also illuminate an area that's already a focal point. If you're considering a full suite of lighted furniture—a pair of contemporary LED tables on either side of a couch, and LED coffee table, and a pair of illuminated chairs, then the balance of illuminated furniture along with the other elements in the space is key.

Is there a disadvantage to LED furniture?

As mentioned before, LED tables and seating not suited to every space in which outdoor electricity options are limited. But illuminated furniture may also be more expensive than conventional outdoor furniture. So, if your budget is limited, skip the LED coffee table in favor of a conventional outdoor coffee table. Or if white outdoor furniture appeals to you, there are plenty of modern outdoor options other than illuminated furniture that can satisfy that requirement.