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Modern Gold Wall Sconces

Gold wall sconces elevate every part of your modern home

Wall sconces are perfectly suited for contemporary homes because they are unbeatably versatile, yet incredibly decorative. They are space-saving, chic, and efficient, working well in a number of places throughout your home. Gold is a shockingly neutral hue that sparks inspiration and complements modern design. Browse the stunning selection of modern gold wall sconces at 2Modern to make a well-appointed addition to your contemporary interior design.

How to select the right contemporary gold wall sconces

One important factor to consider when choosing the perfect lighting is the location in which it will be installed. Gold outdoor wall sconces are well-suited for your modern patio or porch, while indoor fixtures make a surprising and functional addition to a number of areas. Lining your hallway with gold sconces is the perfect way to pave the way with lighting, and modern gold sconces make a chic addition to the bedroom in lieu of traditional table lamps. The options are truly endless.

Another feature to think about is the type of gold sconce that you’d prefer in your home. Downlighting is an ideal choice for focusing attention on a specific area, while up lighting provides ambient illumination in your room of choice. Lantern-style sconces make an elegant and modern statement in your home, and gold swing arm wall sconces are the ideal alternative to cumbersome table lamps. Gold plug-in wall sconces offer versatility and convenience, while standard gold wall sconces are stationary and permanent additions to your modern home.

You’ll also want to consider the many available material options. Glass globes and panels add dimension, contrast, and eye appeal to your modern gold wall sconce. Crystal brings a sophisticated, layered look, while a fabric shade is the ultimate textural layer. Metal, such as iron or aluminum, is a timeless and durable choice with a hint of masculinity.

Look around your room and observe the colors of your furniture, walls, and décor. Deciding on your ideal color palette is an important step in choosing the right fixtures. Choose a black and gold wall sconce to combine elegance with modern design, an antique gold fixture for a more traditional touch, or a brushed gold sconce for its sophisticated, beautiful finish. Create a two-toned white and gold space to put a metallic spin on the clean and bright appeal of a stark white color scheme. Complement other gold lighting with coordinating sconces. Modern gold wall sconces are amazingly versatile.

Finally, hone in on your personal style preferences. Mix and match a contemporary gold wall sconce with your farmhouse or industrial décor for a soft, subtle, eclectic touch. Choose a traditional design for timeless refinement, or shift your focus to the clean lines and simplicity of a gold Scandinavian sconce. Make a retro choice with a mid-century modern fixture, or create a completely modern space with a contemporary style.

Gold wall sconces are right at home in modern spaces.

Whether you opt for a large gold wall sconce or a more modest and minimalist design, gold sconces are an undeniably artistic and tailored choice for your contemporary home. At 2Modern, you’ll find a wide variety of fixtures from your favorite lighting brands, including Mitzi, Hudson Valley Lighting, Generation Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Modern Forms, DweLED, Hinkley, and more. Transform your home both inside and out with our incredible selection of modern lighting.