Modern Gold Side Tables

Top 10 Modern Accent Tables

A small accent table can add just the right touch of interest to a living room scheme—and our Top 10 Modern Accent Tables illustrate that point beautifully. Choose from cutting-edge side tables to modern tables with full fledged Mid-Century modern credentials.

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Turn family room into the ultimate gathering spot with thoughtfully selected essentials.

Why Choose A Modern Gold Side Table?

Traditionally, the color gold conjures up thoughts of opulence, regality, and glamor. While this still rings true, gold is a warm and welcoming color that can elevate any space whether you are going for a traditional look or a bit different direction for a touch of old Hollywood flair. A modern gold side table can act as a simple accent to stand out amongst more demure surroundings or blend with other decor and furnishings for an overall opulent look. Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials with varying levels of storage potential, modern gold side tables can be a fantastic option to accent your living or lounge space or even a bedroom reading nook. Is dripping in gold not your preference? Our collection also offers modern side table designs that offer gold as an accent mixed with other colors for a truly spectacular design. Think gold and white, gold and blue, gold and black, and even gold and acrylic for an eye-catching rendition.

How A Modern Gold Side Table Can Accentuate Your Room

Just like any other piece of furniture, a modern side table should blend effortlessly with your other furniture, decor, and lighting to create a beautifully accented space. Because so many modern gold side table designs are purposefully balanced with additional materials and colors, its easy to find a piece that fits perfectly in your room. For an elegant, modern feel, a gold side table with a marble surface gives off an air of luxury, perfectly paired with a spacious sectional and rich textile upholstery. For a contemporary or art deco space, a gold and acrylic side table brings the bling and the shine to stand out and perfectly balance jewel tones and brass hardware. To incorporate a gold side table into your space without turning up the volume too much, look for a matte gold finished design so you’ll still have a bit of sparkle, but it won’t overwhelm solid wood furniture or richly colored upholstery. 

Are Modern Gold Side Tables Going Out Of Style?

While modern gold side tables may seem only suited for traditional spaces in opulent homes, modern gold side tables can blend with a variety of interior design schemes and room set-ups to elevate and accentuate your space in style. Select an option that blends well with your room decor and color palette and does not appear to take over the design scheme. Adding in a gold side table to match the hardware in a room is the easiest way to incorporate the color and material without seeming too matchy or over the top. Remember that you can always select a side table design that simply incorporates gold as a slight accent to bring a touch of glitz and glamor in without going overboard.

Modern Gold Side Table FAQs

  • What Should You Display On A Modern Gold Side Table?

Must haves for your modern gold side table include a lighting design to bring brightness to your space, a fabulous book to put on display, favorite treasures from your world travels, a basket or dish to hold odds and ends, and lastly a favorite scented candle to add just the right ambiance to welcome friends and family.

  • Do Coffee Tables & Side Tables Have to Match?

Coffee Tables and side tables absolutely do not have to match, but having some consistency within your space does make a difference. This can be accomplished in many ways through color, material, shape or scale. 

  • Can I Use A Side Table As A Coffee Table?

A pair of matching side tables are a great alternative to the traditional coffee table design. They can either be arranged to give the illusion of a singular coffee table, but pulled apart when necessary to be used separately. Side tables that are lower in profile and round in shape make a great option for this setup and can accommodate all decor while providing a dynamic touch to your seating group.