Modern Dining Swivel Chairs

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Why Modern Dining Swivel Chairs Will Match Your Style

Bringing an extra level of functionality to your dining room, Modern Dining Swivel Chairs provide a fabulous seating option that can be matched to your style while offering additional movement for comfort of use. Allowing you to move in and out from the table with ease, a swivel chair lets you follow the conversation without having to adjust your chair. Thanks to their discrete mechanics, modern swivel chairs can appear just like traditional chairs when stationed at your table. Now available in a wide range of upholstery types, colors, and styles, you can select a style of swivel chair that fits best into your home, making your dining space more elevated and functional than ever. 

How a set of Modern Dining Swivel Chairs Can Highlight Your Room Decor

A great option for seating surrounding your entire dining table, a pair of modern dining swivel chairs can also be great for the head of your dining table, complementing the more traditional seating and providing a touch of visual contrast. For an art deco, contemporary, or Hollywood glam space, a modern dining swivel chair wrapped in jewel-tone velvet upholstery brings an elevated, luxe look to your dining room, while an industrial, farmhouse, or Scandinavian-inspired space would benefit from a more pared-down swivel seating design crafted from wrought iron or solid wood with a rich, natural finish. Thanks to the variety of styles now available you can easily find a modern dining swivel chair design that fits in with your design scheme and balances out the additional furniture and decor in your space.

Are Modern Dining Swivel Chairs Going Out Of Style?

Thanks to unrivaled movement, function, and flexibility, modern swivel dining chairs have been a mainstay in dining rooms for many years. Their comfort, mobility, and versatility within any space make them a desirable option for an entire set-up, or for a stately touch at the head of a table. Available in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, and silhouettes, 2Modern offers a range of dining swivel chairs to effortlessly complement your favorite dining area and bring comfort and mobility to your home.

Dining Swivel Chairs FAQ

  • How Much Room Do You Need Between Modern Dining Swivel Chairs?

A good rule of thumb for any type of dining chair is to leave around 24” or so between chairs to prevent hitting elbows, while allowing guests to move chairs in and out with ease. 

  • Do Dining Chairs Have To Fit Under The Table?

Dining chairs –whether swivel or not, certainly are not required to fit under your table and can still provide a comfortable and stylish dining experience for you and your guests. For smaller dining areas, having chairs that can tuck underneath the table may be a better option to conserve space and allow for proper flow around your furniture. 

  • Is It Ok To Mix And Match Dining Room Chairs?

If you’re looking to break from the traditional, mismatched dining chairs can create an interesting and dynamic seating design if done properly. The easiest way to achieve this look successfully is to swap out the chairs at the head of the table for something different. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a modern swivel chair to differentiate from other traditional seating designs.