Modern Aluminum Outdoor Dining Tables


Enjoy a beautiful outdoor dining experience with a modern aluminum dining table

Aluminum tables are well-loved for a variety of reasons. In addition to its eye-catching beauty, aluminum is a rust-proof, durable metal, which makes it perfect for your outdoor use. As strong as it is stylish, aluminum is a versatile material that can take on a number of shapes and finishes. At 2Modern, we offer a breathtaking selection of modern aluminum tables to turn mealtime into a stylish and beautiful daily event.

How to choose the right aluminum table for your patio

One feature to consider when shopping for an aluminum table is the shape that works best for your space and appeals to you most. You might gravitate toward a round or square table if you have a small dining room, a square-shaped patio or space, or simply if you prefer a close, intimate dining experience. Oval or rectangular tables are well-suited for larger spaces, big families, or those who frequently host dinner parties.

Size is another important consideration to make. Small spaces, single people, couples, or small families might require just 4 seats around the table, while larger families and people who love to entertain may need 6 to 8 seats. Think about your lifestyle, the size of your room or outdoor area, and your personal preferences when choosing a table size.

Next, hone in on the style that appeals to you most. A modem aluminum dining table will make a chic, stylish addition to your daily mealtime routine, while an industrial design gives your space a raw, architectural look. Farmhouse tables are inherently warm, rustic, and welcoming, and Scandinavian designs invite simplicity and minimalism. Mid-century modern aluminum dining tables often incorporate shapely cast aluminum, which effortlessly plays up the retro charm of your home.

Finally, choose a table color that complements your other furniture and decor. Keep your dining room or patio bright and airy with a white table, or make a sleek, bold choice with a black design. Opt for a metallic finish, such as silver, gold, or bronze for a shiny, reflective look. Mix colors and add contrast by choosing a design that incorporates other materials, such as wood, glass, or other types of metal.

Aluminum dining tables are an unbeatable choice for your modern backyard

Promising strength and style, aluminum dining room tables make a breathtaking addition to your outdoor dining area. At 2Modern, you'll find a gorgeous selection of tables from beloved brands like Emeco, Cane Line, Fermob, Blu Dot, and more. Complete the look with our stunning dining chairs, dining benches, and sideboards for a well-edited, one-of-a-kind dining space.